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    mission hardest to get 100% complete

    your not missing any just remember that its all timing. if needed try to kill a heartless to bring the rings back
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    Organization XIII car

    i entered a contest that is sponsored by toyota and made a car with the Organization XIII members on it please vote on this design to help me get the car to race in the all star race. http://www.sponsafier.com/share/3189
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    mission hardest to get 100% complete

    my say would have to be beating xion for the second time in mission mode.
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    organization XIII keys

    would u like pictures of the charms or the keys themself
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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    Let me see. 1. Any thing that flies is a royal pain. 2. Any large body heartless is hard to kill. 3. Guard armor and powered armor because you have to kill each individual body part to defeat it. 4. then you have that zip slasher in the very beginning of the game you know the one where they says...