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  1. KingOfHearts

    Theory: Terra's revival is what breaks Riku's keyblade.

    He passed it down to him. It means it's possible that Terra could have fully returned to his normal state, reclaiming his keyblade from Riku at the same time. Either that, or Terra-Nort's halfs have learned to wield their own keys. Just a random thought.
  2. KingOfHearts

    Mid-Battle Keyblade Swapping Confirmed! Literally all of my concerns for the new drive system were washed away with this information. I'm worried about situation commands (specifically higher-tier magic and...
  3. KingOfHearts

    The Master of Masters is Sora.

    That is all. Everything will make sense in time.
  4. KingOfHearts

    Kingdom Heart FMCG

    Hey guys, I'm working with some guys on a Kingdom Hearts FMCG (Fan-made card game) and I wanted to know if the community would be interested in it before going wild with work getting it playable online. I obviously own nothing but the mechanics/template, but I figured it'd be fun since the old...