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    Musical instruments

    Anyone play any musical instruments? I play the piano and the guitar. I have a lespaul and its really cool. Tobacco sunkist color. I rock out loud! anyone else?:cool: :thumbsup:
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    Kingdom Hearts3???

    I looked up KH3 on the internet and I got some sites that said that they mite come out with one and other sites said that they would come out with one but it wouldent be called Kingdom hearts. Same characters, different anventure. I mean, how could they break up such a beautifull set...
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    Dragon books!

    Dragon books are SOO cool! They wisk you off to another world before you finish the first chapter. Some cool dragon books are Eragon, Eldest, The fire within, icefire, firestar, Dragon rider, are all cool books. If anyone wants to share a book or a website, im all ears.
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    Im really into magic and stuff. (card tricks ext.) A REALLY cool magic site would be www.ellusionist.com. If any fello magicians want to share any cool tricks or sites IM ALL EARS!:cool:
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    Dragons rule!

    Dragons are soo cool!:cool: Anyone want 2 share some books or sites thated be cool. Some cool books 4 dragon lovers would b Eragon, Eldest, the fire within, icefire, firestar, and dragonrider are all cool.:thumbsup: