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    most hated boss

    I would say Riku 4 was annoying, even tho' it only took me one try
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    Evil Riku! Need Help to defeat this madman please!

    Keep yourzero cards in a place where you can get to them fast, and have 6-7 cures.
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    fav sleights

    Trinity limit isn't up there, but it is my favorite. It kills everything
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    I built my deck specifically to beat him. My "Kill Riku" Deck 25 attck cards; 5+ 6-7 cures; 5+ five 0's I used the zeroes to fast break his sleights, and the cures for curagas
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Namine is not a bad person at all. Like others have said, she is Kairi's "other side." I think the organization forced her to do it, because in riku's story it mentions Marluxia using her.
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    I never really used any sleight but trinity break, plus magic sleights like firaga. I generally used two types of decks. The first was for heartless, and it included about 20 attack cards, then 3 blizzards, 3 fires, 3 thunders, and 3 cures. The second type of deck I used was my boss deck, which...