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    Stupid question...

    okay i was playing FFVII one night when i noticed that the one characters name changed going into KH...Aerith from Aeris....okay does that mean this is like Aeris's great great...to many greats...granddaughter or something?? I thought it was really strange but anyway....what do you ppl think...
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    FFX-2: Liked it? or Disliked it?

    Just wanted to know what you all thought of the game...I thought it was okay but the way it was set up really threw me off...anyway...what are your opinions?
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    Fanfiction ► My project

    Okay this is something I kinda came up with so plz I would love to hear what you really think. I bet there is a bunch of mistakes so I would love to know where they are so I can change them...plz be honest...I'll post the rest if you ppl really want to read the rest...(only on third chapter)...
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    Fanfiction ► Trials of Love

    Re: Untitled- This is not a comedy You're doing a great job! Can't wait till the next chapter! I agree with your music choices too. They really work well with the story. Anyway...keep it up!
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    Queen Of The Damned

    How many of you like this movie (if you've seen it)? Also have any of you read Anne Rice's books? (if you have read the books do you think the movie did the books justice?) I just felt like asking because I have read her books and even though the movie wasn't right on it was still good.
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    no I didn't mean that main system just incorparting something of it... maybe the card things...using them somehow in the game...I don't know I was just thinking about it thats all...
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    hey thanks...the card system in COM isn't being used in KH2....well I haven't heard anything about it...how strange am I?...
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    that's good....hey you got any ideas about the unknowns? Oh i think Micky got turned into a heartless (the entire cloak thing) partly...i don't know that is my theory...maybe that is why he might have a connection to the order.....I am so jumpy....I've jumped to so many subjects.....
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    I don't know I read it on the thing about the ppl who got to play the demo that the camera still got stuck in places..I don't know maybe i read it wrong...hmmmm
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    And I was so looking forward to finding out everything....Oh well...I bet the game will still be good....HeHe :) (maybe except for the camera...I heard it is still annoying...)
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    Okay I was just wondering what the Sitting Unknown had to do with the line "He looks just like you." is it really Sora they are talking about just because you see his sceen next over the water or does it have to do with the BFU or the BHK..... I don't know why but I can't make up my mind about...
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    What do u think Nomura is doing with Kh2

    yea I guess your right... :( ...
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    What do u think Nomura is doing with Kh2

    I wonder if he is going to add special movie stuff at the end after you complete certain things like in the last one...Maybe that could led to a 3rd one...( Oh I hope so I do... I do...)
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    Hi :)

    I'm new and i was just looking around....i tried to get into the fanfiction and it said (It didn't really talk: for those of you who probably would have said something or maybe that was just me...) something really strange on the error message....anyway....hi ppl.... :)