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    Dream a little Dream - Unbirth theory

    holy fuck nuts in a fruit salad... that's.... a good thread..... and complete plausible.....i mean.... if it wasn't true, i'd almost be surprised, because this seems so believable.... and you prove it very welll..... May you be showered in cookies for your awesomeness!!!!!
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    Connection: Namine's Words to Roxas "We'll Meet Again"

    haha, thanks guys, i like all of your opinions! Hmmm, i agree that i think it was both, cause she didn't forget sora. And your right, sora did like namine (even though it was the result of her manipulating his memories, but we'll just disregrd that fufufu...)
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    About the 2nd scene after the Roxas battle

    Mk, the scene at the clock tower was post axel getting defeated and post roxas returning to sora's body. Roxas even says, "Sora's waiting" or something like that. They're just having one final meet before they actually do return to their former selves: roxas to sora and maybe axel to ale (or...
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    I cracked up, but then i happened to check my characters, and it's a good thing i did, otherwise i wouldn't have notice that all of his equipment had been taken off when he head-smashed. Goofy = :wub:
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    Connection: Namine's Words to Roxas "We'll Meet Again"

    ok, so you all remember when namine opens the portal and talks to sora indiretly saying, "SEe, i told you we'd meet again." and then roxas does this magic poof out of sora's body and says, "Yup...etc." ok, so im wondering, did namine really mean to say that to ROXAS? because if you think back to...
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    Who else hopes for a Maleficent boss fight in BBS and in KH3?

    Maleficent battle in KHI was just so monotonous and unexctiting. If you do battle her in BBS (which is a complete possibilty since she's definitely in it), I just really hope the battle is more entertaining.
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    Will Castle Oblivion be explained in BBS?

    Hm? Correct me if I'm wrong, but what other nobodies appeared in TWTN upon being born other than Roxas??
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    cloud in bbs

    :thumbup: Oh yeah, that would be befitting!
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    cloud in bbs

    Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if the FF characters were in BBS in general. I mean think about it, in KHI, aerith and leona and yuffie talk about how they knew Ansem in their old world, and Ansem is directly related to Xehanort. So considering MX IS Xehanort (cause also remember how Ansem...
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    Ok, ok, yeah I know Xaix without the X is Xai or whatever and yeah I'm going to get yelled at, but I couldn't help but notice how, at the end of the BBS trailer in KHII FM+, Terra looks up at the Kingdom Hearts Moon and his eyes turn golden, like an animal's, and his skin starts to change. Then...