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    can someone with photoshop help me

    Hey if anyone has photoshop, I need you to make me 2 cool sig of roxas but leave the text I have on there pm me for the pass and username
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    FAQ:Bosses that Mickey can fight.

    King Mickey can beat anything, cuz he's got the ultimate power and cannot be stopped. He will tear through anything.
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    Cant Defeat Xaldin

    To defeat xaldin you need to know these 5 words reaction commands are your friends try and use them as much as possible and when he's standing still use beasts twin roar, or if you die hack away at him with mickey for a while and be sure not to die so early, also valor form is good for this...
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    Make your own drive form

    Change your forms name to something like midnight instead of twilight that would be cool, did you guys like mine
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    Make your own drive form

    I'm glad you all like my thread
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    How did riku every get a keyblade

    I think Dark Riku's outfit looks like a dress, it looks so gay, and if you did not notice in KH in the riku 2 battle his blade looked exactly like a keyblade if you did not notice that you must have been stoned when you were playing it.
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    Make your own drive form

    Make your own drive form here's mine Power form sora's clothes turn green Description: sora will go mad with power and will slow up a little but he makes up for it in strength. This form is good for any battle especially the 1000 heartless battle, you'll make mince meat out of the heartless...
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    How did riku every get a keyblade

    That was really cool, I know you only get to be riku for like 2 min but it was cool and so is his keyblade. I love KH2 and everything abot it, I'm going to start playing proud mode pretty soon.