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    Fanfiction ► Guardian of Armagedon (The Frozen Wastelands)

    Chapter One, Part One - The Beginning of it All In a world of chaos and destruction, the world is slowly collapsing under their feet.... People, and machines destroy the forests and the heart of the planet.... Now, the time has come and the world will suffer and the people and machines will...
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    Fanfiction ► Guardian of Armagedon (The Frozen Wastelands)

    Prologue Part 2: He begins to eat his meat, suddenly hears a soft roar in the distance. He begins to grab his gear and his wooden spear just incase he may need it. He opens the door and runs toward the sound; he then dives behied a massive snow mound and peaks his head over the top. He sees...
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    Fanfiction ► Guardian of Armagedon (The Frozen Wastelands)

    Ok, im just gonna give you guys a preview of my story and i will work on it throughout the week, and if you would like give me your opinions so i could make this story even better... Overview: Through many years of corruption and hatrid throughout the world, it has destroyed and weakened...