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    KH 3D : Dream Drop Distance Pre-order.

    alright i was thinking about contacting them. i will email them right now.
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    KH 3D : Dream Drop Distance Pre-order.

    sorry man im new to the forums and i did have 1 day shipping on it witch was a reason why i didn't get why it wouldn't come tomorrow. it says estimated arrival Thursday August 2nd
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    KH 3D : Dream Drop Distance Pre-order.

    Hey guys i don't know about you but i Pre-Ordered KH 3D Mark of mastery edition a while ago so i can get it the day it comes out. Well i did that but i ordered it on amazon on June 13th but today i go on to look at it and something went wrong. something went wrong on the day before the release...
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Re:coded

    Thank you! i will do! :biggrin: also is that a non bender symbol i see? :) Alright ill check some out! Thanks! :D
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    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Re:coded

    Hello fellow kh fans! well i need to know what happened in birth by sleep and re:coded because 1: my Psp broke and i lost my mem card when i was one the last battle with ven!! and 2. i lost my re:coded. :/. so i need you guys to tell me about both those games like every important thing i need to...
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    "Power of Friendship" Guide on Amazon!

    Hmmm Idk what this could be But I di hear something about the Us Verison Of Kh:Re:Coded Coming Out In Spring 2011 I Was At Game Stop When bbs came out to pick up my reseved copy and he asked me if i had a ds on hold i said no he said that re:coded was Coming out In Spring 2011 so I Hope Its True
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    How Does Ventus Look Like Roxas

    yeah but ven looks like roxas and sora witht the cloths that he wears part of roxas jacket and part of soras jacket
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    358/2 Days ?

    Ok When Riku was fighting Roxas Sora was in the sleep pod and he was visable to everyone right and when Sora came out of the sleep pod roxas wasnt visable to everyone so is that where 358/2 days ends or dose it end when sora and roxas fight NO SPOILERS just when it ends
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    Confirmed Voice Actors for Days (UPDATED: Complete List)

    Re: Confirmed Voice Actors for Days Cool Jesse McCartney Playing roxas's voice again i thought from the trailer he wasn't playing his voice so sweet
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far The person who looks like roxas insint roxas