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    gender bending of Haurhi Suzumiya

    I've been seeing many gender bending of this and i wanna know were did this start out exactly:confused:
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    Xbox 360 help

    is there anyway to make the xbox 360 play mkv.'s:confused:
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    Larxene's book from CoM Manga

    wow i am speechless and yet not that surprised
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    Hayate the Combat Butler

    anyone see the Anime or read the manga around here?
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    #14s' Demise

    can anybody please tell me were they got this kind of info because i am lost please tell me please tell me please tell me please tell me please tell me please tell me please tell me and please tell me
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    Sora & Kairi reunite

    VG Cats - Comics - Updated Monday that reminded me of this comic from VG cats hope you like it
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    KHII Final Mix+ Question

    for the thousand time it is not coming out in the U.S.
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    14 organization member

    hello can some tell me or PM me to what this whole 14 member of the organization is please
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    14 organization member

    i am lost reading this who or what are you guys talking about?:confused:
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    Fanfiction ► Death Note: The New World

    pretty cool i kind of liked it i will wiat for the next chapter.
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    KH Computer Remake

    you gonna get sued so badly well maybe not that badly but you GONNA GET SUED
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    Fanfiction ► After Sora: Age of Darkness!!!

    nice i liked it a lot cant wait for more
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    what is your favorite Gundam series i just started seeing Gundam seed destiny i think think it is better than any gundam series so far besides GGundam edit: also talk about Gundam 00 if you have seen it.
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    final form

    i got mine unknowingly during one of hades tournaments i was low on health and i decided to go into my master form and for some reason i did not notice to clothe change at first i was just fighting when i notecied my attacks where different and cool. anyway my friend got his final form by...
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    what Path

    for me its obvious i would choose twilight
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    what Path

    Dawn: the first appearance of light in the sky as the sun rises at the beginning of a new day Dusk: the period of the day after the sun has gone below the horizon but before the sky has become dark Twilight: the time of day just after sunset (dusk) or before dawn, when the Sun is below the...