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    What Genres Would You Like To See In KH2?

    I would like to see more darkness in the game i don't know if you would call that a genre but thats what i would like to see in the sequel.
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    BHK and other stuff

    yea exactly a replica riku but gone wrong.
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    BHK and other stuff

    lets get back on topic. BHK could be anyone for all we know bhk could just be a mess up of someone trying to clone sora.
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    Is Mickey's keyblade light or maybe twilight

    hello! have you not seen any mickey mouse movies i mean really if you didnt you must have had some wierd childhood no offense. mickey is always the hero in the movies. DUHHHHH:confused:
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    who would win

    cloud no doubt about that cloud is way faster and isway more skilled.
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    what would you like for kh-2 ?

    i would like to play as cloud my homeboy and riku.
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    what would you like for kh-2 ?

    i would like star wars to be in it that would bre totally awsome and darth vader can be one of the bosses and sora can have a plasma keyblade that you could turn on and off.
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    Who do you think would win?

    sora definetly i could just picture darth vader going against sor and the clone troopers helping vader and goofy and donald helping sora!
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    i think your kinda right i mean i think some times people take things way to far and think a little to hard. my theory is that they might have a little connnection to each other but not big.
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    Oogie Boogie???????

    i wouldnt mind bringing oogie boogie back because how u fought him waz awsome yet confusing.
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    Oogie Boogie???????

    well maybe they could make up a heartless like they did in Monstro and Wonderland?
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    why would pirates of the carribean be in KH2 it has no affiliation to Disney or does

    i agree with u atlantica did suck not to mention the swimming controls were not what i really expected.
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    name all the heartless you find in the deep jungle.
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    Let's compile a list of worlds not featured in either game.

    mighty joe young mary poppins(it reminds me of the hunt)
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    sepiotorothwhat keyblade can u gat in traverse town
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    whos vincent
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    bhk really bugs me!

    Bhk Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts Trivia!

    the deep jungle, colloseum, monstro, the end of the world (?)