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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread I random idea just hit me; What if ALL the voices of the Orginazation XII were replaced by Carol Channing? I've always imagined Marluxia having a huge nasal voice.
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    *Ahem!* New theory- The so-called "New Enemies" of Birth by Sleep!

    ok, a edited it using you guy's little ideas... how about now? HAPPY?!
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    *Ahem!* New theory- The so-called "New Enemies" of Birth by Sleep!

    GAH! yes, that was what I was thinkinging! Except you forgot Soul- Heart and Soul: The thing that is what a being is MIND: The Power which watches over the Soul/heart, and Controls the Body Body: The Vessel that supports and holds together these essential things! ZOMG. I gotta edit my...
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    *Ahem!* New theory- The so-called "New Enemies" of Birth by Sleep!

    So, we all heard about Nomura saying that Birth by sleep will feature "Enemies that are not Heartless nor nobodies" SO we're all throwing out guesses, and I was busy replaying KH2 for the hundereth time just to see the bloody secret ending. So I watch it again, and (BTW, this isn't the KH2 FM+...
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    Strength or Magic?

    I use reflegtaga a lot to Knock back enemy attacks, and Curaga, but still- I love to attack with the Keyblade, no doubt. Sure, once or twice I'd lash out Fire, Blizzard, or thunder, but 90% i use Strenghth.
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    Something to Think about the 14th member...

    OK, we're all hyped up about the 14th organization member... but we might be missing something here (Don't flame me if this has been posted before...) If this game is before KH2, then when we ARE IN KH2... shouldn't Yen Sid tell us about Organization 14? OR the fact there are only 13 chairs in...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    XD Next we'll have 'em in Land of Dragons wearing Chinese crap, and have Orginazation robes in the World that Never Was... XD anyways: Another WTF moment: Oogie Boogie coming back to life, Ansem coming back to life, Jafar coming back to life... Evry other ****ing Enemy we killed in the past...
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    (Sorry for double posting) XD I actually though by the voice, Demyx was a girl... then he takes off his hood... WHOA! WTF!!! HOLY– WHOA! HE'S A BOY!!! No lies. I was LMAO for that whole scene. I'm laugjing as I write this, too... XD
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    mine... - 'Get up on the ****ing hydra's BACK!!!!" -Atlantica was OK for me... *shrug* - Goofy dying. To tell the truth... I actually wimpred. I shed a TEAR when I thought he died!!! Seriously!!! DX -thinking I killed Xemnas at Skyscraper, i'm like... YES! Then, BOOM! madman's back! Thought...
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    like others said, the mansion isn't connected. After all, TLTW is just a virtual town to "Throw off his pursuers," as DiZ said. In other words- it's not real... right? So the Mansion is a lil' place they (DiZ and Riku) threw in for a base of operations, and to make the town a bit more...
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    New to the Forums, but not KH... :D

    I've been viewing this site as a guest since CoM came out... finally I decide to become a member! :P well, here I a-go-go.