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    American Secret Ending

    Whoa...it has more of a darker tone to it. Do you think that it's something that will happen in KH3 (If it's gonna come out...)? There's Riku's keyblade and Sora's Keyblade and one other......... Well the person who picked up that other one can't be King Mickey because he's too tall. WOW I...
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    Really? This is just my opinion but I thought that he was kinda easy. You just have to know how to kill his clones in the time given and kick Demyx's butt. I killed him on my first try on both of the battles.
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    Playing as King Mickey....

    Um... All I know is that you play as mickey when you fight Xaldin in beast's castle your second time there. :eek:
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    Poll:Who would win, valor, wisdom, or regular form?

    Definetly valor because you can use 2 keyblades. Dual weilding rules!!! :D :eek:
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    Custom Keyblades

    ...but that would be really cool though if they put the custom keyblade feature on KH2. Lol you could make OblivionUltimaWeapon!:D
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    If there was a secret boss...

    Yea because sephiroth would be fun to try and beat. He can do alot of area-wide attacks like Meteor or Fire Pillar plus his sword. He is also capable of doing a one hit kill! He also does that attack where he says "Come Power!" and it's alot like Omnislash.
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    If there was a secret boss...

    Don't worry there are no spoilers in that. I'm just picturing what it would be like to fight him.
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    If there was a secret boss...

    True but it would still be fun! How about Emerald Weapon from FF7? I could hardly beat it with my best attacks in FF7!!!
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    If there was a secret boss...

    Wait I change my mind. I'd like to fight King Mickey because even though he's small, he can move really fast and he has all of the sleights that Sora has and All of Sora's cards in his inventory. King Mickey could test Sora to see whether he's still worthy to weild the keyblade! Mickey could...
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    How are you celebrating the coming of KH2?

    I would just play it. Nothing all that fancy...I mean it's just a game...the greatest game of all time that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If there was a secret boss...

    If there was a secret boss in Chain of Memories, who would you want? I would personally want sephiroth. His sword would like take up 3/4 of the screen!
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    Here's A Theory to ponder...

    http://www.khinsider.com/info/13points.shtml Ok, here's my point. Look at paragraph 4 where it talks about point 11 being a crossroad. The first path was "End of the World." The second is "The World In Between." The final one, the third one, is "The Secret Place." Kingdom Hearts 1 was about...
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    Riku and Mickey Revelation

    That's really a good theory. I commend you on that. But about Sora, why didn't his clothes change. I mean his clothes do change, but somebody does it for him(In the KH2 Trailer). For Goofy, Donald, Riku, and Mickey, their clothes just change without knowing or seeing who did it. Could it be that...
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    What would you do if you were a Keyblade Wielder?

    Take over the world Save the world Beat up random people Go to a war and OWN everyone
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    what would u say...

    Hehe yea me too. I wouldn't really have anything to say because of them. I mean what would you say to a really famous person without kinda stuttering at them first?
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    Sora vs. King Mickey

    Man! All of you got to have more faith in Sora. Sure Sora would get owned by King Mickey but Sora has proven himself in these kind of situations before. I would really think that Sora would win because he...well...because he can do it...wait...hmm...maybe not. Yea maybe King Mickey would...
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    How do you get the cards needed for C.O. level?

    well it actually works better if you use a card on a lower lvl floor...I know it's already said but o well. Go to Traverse town and search or if you don't want to get out of the Castle Oblivion level then you could always use those cards which make large rooms like "Looming Darkness"I hope it...