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    KH2:FM+, KH Re: CoM Booklet Pages

    Knowing Japanese isn't all you need in importing the game. You'll need a modifer in order to play a Japan-made disc in a North Amercian PS2 xD
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Ah, I didn't know they were selling it together. Everything else I knew xD Yeah, I'm gonna have to import it, too, if they aren't giving us a release, which would be horrible if they didn't T__T
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Honto ni? Well, those probably had to be censored when it came to North America, so... is KHII:FM really coming out as a package with RE KH:CoM? O_o; Still, that'd be even more reason to have a NA release of both games @_@; Honestly, they should have made CoM as a 3D game to begin with. KH is...
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

    Seriously...Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix should be a worldwide release. There wasn't anything extra in ours, which prompted Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix, for them to make a Final Mix of Kingdom Hearts II. Looking at the new screenshots, it looks like the scenes from the manga, which weren't in the...
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    Beat KH2, but STILL have questions!

    Xemnas was in Final Mix. The optional battle in Hallow Bastion is with Xemnas, though he was an Unknown at the time. And Riku didn't completely get rid of Ansem in CoM. That was how he used his power in KHII.
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    Beat KH2, but STILL have questions!

    15. Riku didn't plan on meeting Sora in the "Land of Dragons". He initially went to warn the emperor of the Heartless Dragon threat, and happened to meet Sora. 22. Axel kidnaped Kairi as a bait for Sora, but only so that he could see Roxas again. As for what Saix was talking about, maybe he...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Deleted Scenes?!???

    I always thought that would be when Sora saw Riku, and he'd saw 'Impossible' xD
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    Kairi & Namine ***SPOILER WARNING***

    Kairi is also a Princess of Heart. This fact means that her heart is too pure to create a Heartless.
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    Riku's eyes...

    What's wrong with Riku's green eyes? @_@; I think he'd look weird with blue eyes.
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    Favorite musical anyone???

    Under the Sea was the best! That was the first time Sora sang in the musical, right? ^^
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    Correct me if i'm wronge, but...

    YuRiPa were faeries in KHII. They don't have any direct connection to their FFX-2 counterparts other than being a group and looking for teasures. It's the same reason Seifer's a kid-- all he retains is his personality from VIII.
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    Riku's eyes...

    Haha, I thought Sora looked adorable xD And thank you! Finally, someone else says that Riku's eyes were always green. You people are wack.
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    Riku's eyes...

    Hee, compared to Sora's blue, it's most definitely green.
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    Riku's eyes...

    Riku's eyes were always green O_o It was more apparent in the cutscenes than in the FMVs. In the KH Opening, they did look blue, but in all the cutscenes his eyes were green.
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    Strength, magic, or defense?

    The first time you get to choose with Seifer or the second time in the Awakening? xD Though I guess the first time doesn't really count for anything. Either way, I choose Defense the first time and Strength the second time.
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    Valor or Wisdom?

    Master's easier to level up than Wisdom O_o At least to me. I'd pick Valor over Wisdom any day.
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    Did you like Demyx?

    Hee, it's like Demyx didn't want to carry out his orders. He'd always pull out a piece of paper telling him what to do and he'd reluctantly carry them out. I thought it was nice that he asked Roxas to return to the Order.
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    Did you like Demyx?

    It wasn't so much that he was hard, I'd just have one more clone left when the 10 seconds is up that I lose the stupid fight xD
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    Did you like Demyx?

    I like Demyx. He does seem to have more of a conscious than the other XIII Order members, and he has a 'real' teenage personality. Plus he was a cutie xD He was annoying as heck the second time you fight him, though. Stupid water clones xD
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    trinity limit?

    The good thing about the Limit is that you can perform it solo as well, which helps when everyone's dead or something.