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    I feel guilty...

    Argh...I don't like looking at the spoilers...but i can't help myself, its like taking an early look at your christmas presents. Luckily, though, i don't understand japanese, so it hasn't been completly spoiled, but i still feel guilty.
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    For those that have the game...(not a spoiler)

    hooray! i thought the Gummi ship system in KH1 was completely boring, I'm glad that this new system is a whole lot better :-D
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    Official Voice Actor/Cast List Topic

    ...i think someone british should do the voice of namine...that would be interesting.
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    Official Voice Actor/Cast List Topic

    Spoken like a true Hillary Duff hater! Just about what I was going to say... (if Hillary Duff VA'd Namine) Namine: You weren't meant to exist...OMG, we should go shopping!
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    SPOILER cutscene 5

    Vivi=more of a pimp than before
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    Who do we want for VA's?

    WTF???? That's crazy...lol!
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    Who do we want for VA's?

    That's the japanese voice actor for Axel.
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    Who do we want for VA's?

    James Arnold Taylor- He'd make a good Demyx or Axel. Now some of you might think "Can he do an evil sounding voice?". Yes, he can, if you've played Tales of Symphonia, he provides the voice for Lord Yggdrasial (i know i spelled that wrong), the main baddie of the game. David Hayter- Xigbal...
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    Has Kingdom Hearts II been hugely advertised in America yet?

    HOLY CRAP! if they are doing that for the states then i must see king kong (i really don't want to though...long movies aren't my thing). Just the thought of seeing Deep Dive on the silver screen makes me drool...
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    The Kingdom Hearts II Japanese Release Date Countdown...

    Well, KHII is 6 days away from its Japanese release date, so I decided to start a countdown thread. Here we can get all giddy and excited as each day passes. Then, finally, on the japanese release date, we will all comense the jiggling in celebration!
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    Just a thought...

    Has anyone thought that the Superior doesn't even have a number, that all of the numbered members of the Organization are all subordinates? I'm seeing all these threads about number 1 being the superior. Maybe number 1 could just be the superior's right hand man or something...
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    *possible spoiler...i really dunno* Ansem and SHU look oddly similar...

    Comparing the pictures of Ansem and the SHU, I noticed that their hair styles and skin complexions(sp) are remarkably similar. The only difference was that SHU's hair was covering some of his face while Ansem's hair is slicked back. Also, I saw another picture of SHU, and his eye was the same...
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    *Theory* BHK and Riku, More of a Connection then ppl think...

    go to the section where you would like to start your own thread, look for the create thread button, and there you go. now, don't post off topic again, or you might get in trouble w/ the higher ups.
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    *Theory* BHK and Riku, More of a Connection then ppl think...

    I'm thinking that BHK was created when Sora used the dark keyblade on himself. and i don't know if the origin of the DK was confirmed or not, but i think it was formed when Riku accepted Ansem, and from Riku's heart, the DK was formed. And if BHK isn't a shell, then his relation to Riku and Sora...
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    *Theory* BHK and Riku, More of a Connection then ppl think...

    All right, at the end of KH: CoM Reverse/Rebirth, we see an illustrated scene of BHK looking over at Twilight Town. When I think about this scene another thought came into my head: "If BHK is Sora's shell alone, why would they show that scene at the end of R/R?". I came up with two conclusions...
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    I Found Something!!!!

    Although it looks like that org member is shorter than the others, you also have to put in other matters before you assume. It could be the angle of the shot, or it could possibly be Riku.
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    Yensid: The "Voice" in the Beginning of KH?

    It kind of matches. Yensid, being Mickey's master, told mickey of the Keyblade, and the hero of the blade, he also uses his magic for the Awakening of the keywielders, so the "voice" (although there is no voice actor for the voice") is Yensid.
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    Which Organization Member's Ass Are You Ready to Kick?

    I would say, Xaldin, cause he seems like such an ass...
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    FF Summons...Missing? You Decide

    i would like to Bahamut as a summon in KHII, but if they don't add FF summuns, maybe at least create an original summon.
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    Sora's Emotions

    LOL! BHK's an EMO!(maybe that's why he's wearing the wristbands...) That is a very good theory, one of the most interesting theory's yet.