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    Which kingdom hearts game is better Kingdom hearts or Kingdom hearts 2?

    In my opinion, I like KH2 better. No matter what anyone else says. I just thought that gameplay and graphic-wise, KH2 comes out on top.
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    What is your favorite drive form?

    For me, it's probably a toss-up between Wisdom or Anti. Anti - Wickedly cool combos and reduced damage means even more wickedly cool combos. Wisdom - Looks like Sora knows what he's doing, and the fact that no one can reach him while he's sliding and flipping around like a professional.
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    Organization XIII's real names, and Nobody names

    I think I remember from somewhere that Axel's real name was Lea... I'm pretty sure that it was.
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    If Sora had gone against MX

    Look, this thread is filling up with unrelated (to the topic) posts. Can we get back on topic and tone down the useless stuff? Thanks. (You might as well ignore this as this post itself is unrelated)
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    Not really important...

    Does this mean they have no parents? Because it seems so.
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    Well, hello there.

    Greetings, I'd like to let you know that another has joined your number, and I'm sure nothing bad will come of it.