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    Japanese KH2 Stuff

    Hello, I'm very sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I wanted to share/learn about some Kingdom Hearts facts and such that Japanese know of. Anyway, if you have any that you know of, please post! Here are some I have learned: -Xemnas is sometimes called Anago, who is a character in an...
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    KH2 Flash Animations

    ---- I hope it's alright to post this separately from the 3D model, since they're quite different forms of art... Well, for these files, they are .swfs, and I honestly suck at adding music and syncing with Flash, so I uploaded them to youtube too. The quality is worse on youtube, but the...
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    Sora/Roxas 3D Modeling Attempt

    I don't know, people have been telling me it looks like Sora to them, but Sora's face is much chubbier at the cheeks. (And yes, the eyelashes are pretty bugged) And for all you experts in 3D modeling, yes, I know the geometry probably looks very messy. I don't have much knowledge in 3D, I had...
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    Who(in KH) do you resemble?

    I honestly can't say who I look like... I have Sora's round face(No, I'm not really fat), but I have Yuffie's haircolor and My hairstyle is like a mix of Riku and Marluxia with bangs to the side. *shudder*
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    More POINTLESS/OOC Questions...

    Yea, if you're offended or get annoyed by these pointless things, please don't flame. Anyway... 1. Are the hair colors of the KH chars all natural? (I'll laugh if someone mentions pubic hair...) 2. Why are Axel's eyebrows so short? 3. Why couldn't all of the cutscenes use high poly models...
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    The Nature of the Organization

    Well, Sora and the others probably didn't put much thought in the Organization's needs, and just wanted to wipe them out because of the heartless that invaded their worlds... I think that's it, from what I've seen.
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    When is the first time you ever died in kh2

    Wow, I think I died at Xaldin too... At least I think I did... I mean I can't really remember my first game, but the second time I played, I remember dying from Xaldin first. The first time I died about 2 or 3 times.
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    They stick their tongue out at Aladdin?! When?! Also, in KH1, I thought it was really corny when sora made his "Happy" face... and when he was playing with Riku's face... though I'd do the same if I met Riku in real life...
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    Time setting of Kingdom Hearts series

    Hello, this question suddenly popped into my head... In what time does Kingdom Hearts take place in? Because they have computers and such, yet the towns don't have cars(Trolley, lol) or streets... (though maybe it's just how the town itself is... like the "eco-towns" I've heard of). Also...
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    Which boss was most Hard/annoying

    Same here. Plus I still don't get how the timer thing works, or what you're supposed to do in card/dice form... I've always just jumped at him as a dice, lol.
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    WTF moments in Kingdom Hearts....2!

    Another thing in Atlantica... at the end, when Sora Donald and Goofy sing that short, instrumentless song to Ariel... *shudder* The short singing session can be heard here in Japanese btw: 508 Any Time Any Place.mp3 MP3 - Kingdom Hearts II OST 3 OST - Download Kingdom Hearts II OST 3...
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    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    Mine was similar... I was about lv 40 or 50, and decided to fight him... When I went into battle, and in the middle of it, I FRIGGIN RAN OUT OF POTIONS! D:< I was so pissed. Plus I didn't have curaga on a shortcut... and the battle is just too quick for me to browse through the whole menu when I...
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    Roxas' Backpack

    Roxas has a white-black checker fetish...
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    [WIP] Org XIII's Precious Thing

    Org XIII's Precious Thing by ~Pikangie on deviantART I hope I didn't post this in the wrong place... Well, I am in the process of making a parody of the "Marisa stole the precious thing" animation, and using KH characters... I called it "Org XIII's Precious thing", though I haven't finished...
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    i have a question

    LOL! That would make an interesting fanfic... Edit: And... as a yaoi fangirl... I'd like to state that I don't think Nomura intended to force any committed relationships. I remember him saying in an interview that he likes letting people think what they want about pairings and canon. So that's...
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    Cutscene without Sora's voice...

    Ah, I just watched a parody and remembered about this one scene, in Hollow Bastion, where Sora responds to Donald and Goofy after they lecture him to come with them... I remembered playing through this part, and he really had no voice... is he supposed to? In the Japanese version, he says "Thank...
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    what happens when a nobody gets a body

    Like when Namine and Roxas fused with Sora and Kairi? I'm not sure... but they seemed happy about it...
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    Goofy Death

    I knew he wasn't dead because I had watched all the cutscenes like 2 times before I actually got the game and played... XD
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    Do Nobodies eat?

    This must be proof that Sora is anorexic! D: At the scene in Land of Dragons when the emperor asks them what they want for a reward, and Goofy and Donald are rubbing their tummies for food, Sora doesn't even ask for food~ D: :huh: Oh and then there's the Paopu fruits, which he never eats... D...
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    Do Nobodies eat?

    I always thought they could, lol, like they were the animals of the nobody world. I thought the Dusks near the end of the game were trying to grab hearts to eat them, lol.