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  1. J

    passion and sanctuary

    In my opinion: Sanctuary is a very cool song. I haven't heard Passion, though... Sanctuary's kinda weird, but it sounds really good to me...
  2. J

    King Mickey

    I think I called him like three times: One time when i was fighting Cerberus, and I threw the other two against the thing in Beast's castle (I'm not that far in the game...)
  3. J

    Okay, so far....

    Wait, your right about the Roxas thing...I never thought about that. So that's why he was in the Organization XIII and how he became a keyblade wielder...DUH!! Sora turned into a heartless...GOSH, FREAKIN IDIOT. I like to figure stuff out as I go, I don't wait til the end...
  4. J

    Okay, so far....

    No, he is a nobody. Remember, Roxas died. They took some of the power from Sora and gave it to Roxas, then put him in Twilight Town. If you read the Ansem reports, he says something about one of his subjects being an imposter...
  5. J

    Okay, so far....

    All right, people. I just got the game on Wednesday and I'm in Halloween Town right now. So far, I have figured out this much: 1. Roxas is NOT the other side of Sora, he obtained some of Sora's power while he was recovering his memories and just had to give it back. 2. Roxas was one of the...
  6. J

    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    Dude, I just got mine yesterday, too!!! I really haven't been playing it a lot, I'm still on Roxas' story, but I'm almost finished.... I think if I just take my time, I'll understand the storyline better.
  7. J

    Question (Regarding KH2 and the forums)

    I guess I would come back...I haven't really thought about it...I'll just have to wait and see.
  8. J

    Skip School for Kingdom Hearts 2?!

    I hear ya...Skipping school for a video game is stupid. It's great and all but I have the willpower to wait 7 hours for that...I actually like school, kinda...
  9. J

    This Will End All Release Date Threads!!!

    Is this really supposed to end all 'release date' threads? So the store where YOU live gets it at five? What about the other 5 bagillion (exaggeration) stores in the world...
  10. J

    KH2 will be at Target Thurs. March 30 for $45 !!!

    Why does it matter? Just go get it whenever...Are you really going to get it on the EXACT day that it comes out?
  11. J

    KH2 will be at Target Thurs. March 30 for $45 !!!

    If you go to BestBuy, I think, on Friday they have the new releases for low prices or something...I'm just saying.... Yeah, Wal-Mart says the 30th, and then Gamestop said the 29th... I would just wait til that weekend and make sure someone has it, you don't HAVE to get it that day unless you're...
  12. J

    Stupid Question

    I READ what you said, but... Never mind....
  13. J

    Stupid Question

    If it wasn't so, what is the point of the different names and abilities? Why not just make one form if you can fuse with one to be one form and fuse with another for the same form? Look, it would make sense that Goofy could make the Brave form, seeing he is the strongest fo the two... Donald...
  14. J

    Stupid Question

    Are you sure about this? I just probably need to read it somewhere... Cause it would seem that you need to fuse with a certain person for a certain form... Simplicity.
  15. J

    Stupid Question

    If it's not that strong, then what would be the reason for it if you can fuse with Donald and be stronger?
  16. J

    Stupid Question

    Uhhh...WRONG... Do you think if you fused with Goofy that you would be in the WISDOM form? Goofy's a fighter, not a wizard...
  17. J

    Gummi Ship Customization!

    Wow, randomness in this thread... Yead, the gummi ship customization has improved very much. I actually like the gummi ship now...
  18. J

    Possible KH2 Unlockables

    No, they couldn't let you play with Riku again, they've done it before... That would take the spotlight from Sora, even though it is his story... Anyways.... That would be neat to have that feature, but also too easy. You know how complicated Square is, they want to challenge us... I would...
  19. J


    So you're trying to be smart with the little gamecube crap, huh? lol You know what I meant... Mine plays some of them, it might be just the format of the disc that really makes it choose. I got a buttload of music on mine from my burned music... I don't think KH2 will have a different formated...
  20. J


    Actually, Microsoft added some media formats to the Xbox a year ago. I tried to take a CD I burned and play it on my friends Xbox but it wouldn't work, but I could use it on mine... And there's no need to fool with the Gamecube, it just plays games and really nothing else...