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    Need Assisantance

    sometimes a zero card can work for a nine ( or any others) it works for me, and like everyone else says just keep battling
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    can any1 tell me how to beat this F**kin Ansem guy?

    just start attacking while breaking his cards the when your in dark mode use dark firaga like mad, eventually you will kill him, i beat him at lvl 47
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    HELP ME I'm stuck!!!

    like always keep fighting or go to another world and get the card
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    Ending Videos for COM

    the image gallery, off the main site, has the ending videos just go on over there
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    99 dalmations: really necessary???

    ^ same, but all the dalmations are easy to get so it really doesnt matter, the reason i got all of the dalmations was to get aroga and all the gummi blocks
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    Favorite Keyblades

    i like lionheart or oblivion
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    Beating Gargoyles peeps near Final Rest

    there invisles not gargoles, i was around level 55
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    who has seen Napolean dynamite?

    who has seen napolean dynamite? i have and i think its really random
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    What level were you when you beat the game?

    Re: what lvl where u when u beat the game? i had curaga but i saw no need on getting lvl 100 or ultima key so early :)
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    What level were you when you beat the game?

    well, i was about lvl 59 with lionheart keyblade