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    Any body ever thought about...

    ...aqua's nobody being the 14th member. i mean you never know aqua could have turned into a heartless in BBS thus creating a nobody, and since nobodys dont age(or at least i dont think they do, with the exception of namine) her nobody will still look young. and sorry if this has been...
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    Kairi and bbs

    no, i meant that she'd be 4 years old in BBS
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    Kairi and bbs

    wait i thought that kairi would be 4 since she is 14 in kh1...right??
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS theory

    yeah this has been discussed many times and i think that it could be a possibility so good job =) but like the others said BBS is in the past
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    BBS timeline theory

    good theory but dont you think that if BBS started 10 years before kh1 and ended in the beginning of kh2 like you said, that ven would have grown up a little?? i mean in that picture he looks like hes 14-15 years old and you say that this scan is in kh2 time then in BBS it would mean he's like 5...
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    BBS and Organization XIII

    i think that we will see braig (xigbar's somebody) since he said that sora wasnt "anything like the others" (other keyblayders maybe)...also i saw a thread along time ago that was all about xigbar being in BBS.
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    358/2 days final boss

    i think it might be the 14th member, i mean cmon it would be cool =p
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    Updated 358/2 Days Info

    ive already seen this but cant remember where. I just read the rest of the thread so i guess i saw it from rpg master.
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    Just to clarify one thing

    i always thought that when the orginization showed up that they used COD's ( the black things they come out of).
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    A BbS Theory You Won't Have Time to Read

    oh well that makes sense i guess oh and dont get me wrong i do like your theory it is kinda confusing though =p
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    A BbS Theory You Won't Have Time to Read

    if wat you say is true then Xemnas or Xehanort or Terra or D.S. or whatever :cursing:would have a keyblade so it cant be true since if he had one already then he realy wouldnt need riku or roxas or sora to kill heartless for him unless that is if he is just really lazy and wont do the work by...
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    new 358/2 days scan

    umm i cant read it and it looks like its just a book...
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    coded in america could work.

    People have told me that coded wont happen in america and will be only for japan because of the phone issue. on google i typed up psp and the psp phone came up! its only rumors that it will happen but dont you think that if it does that coded could be for that? i saw fan made pictures and it was...
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    my first theory!

    so like the name implies its my first theory so please read it all even if its really long. i think that the chasers arent V. A. T. but maybe they're the new enemy maybe? i mean it sais that the chaseres are the ones that made the keyblades so what if the chaseres are the new enemy. it would...
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    KH2 Final mix +?

    ^you could also get swap magic too