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    Allying Partners within Sleeping worlds would be so cool!

    I know they are "sleeping worlds, but don't you think partnering up with Quasi, Pinocchio, Sam... would be sooooooo cool? I really miss the constant partners from KH I and II. BbS's few partners were proof it would indeed be possible on a portable console... Anyway, I just find it somehow...
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    Time within sleeping worlds (no spoilers please)

    I did not play far, as I only finished the 2nd world yet. But I was wondering whether the sleeping worlds' storylines are really 2 seperate ones as there are 2 versions of the same world and 2 versions of the inhabiting characters and riku and sora visiting each world respectively????? or is...
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    Managing Dreameaters

    I was just wondering, is it possible to remove dreameaters once you added them to your party? I DO KNOW, you can change your in-party dream eaters with the ones in your "stock", assuming you have more than 3. But is it possible to return them from your party to "stock" without taking another...
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    Looking for Pre-Order bonuses: KH Days and Re: Com

    Hello, please excuse me if this is in the wrong section, but it's my first post and I didn't really know where it would belong. Here's my problem: I am trying to complete my KH collection, but unfortunately I missed out on the special slipcover for KH Days that was available through amazon...