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    This Rp is all about Illusions, dreams and fears. What can 4 teenagers do when they are trapped in an unreal world by an Evil Wizard during their sleep? Wake up? No, you can't wake up, because until you defeat this wizard you can't hug your family and stay in the warmth, you can't see your...
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    Frost Works Assignment 7

    Theme: Films Yes, basicaly anything to do with films, actors/ress, locations, studios, or any film thats been shooted, up to you. Deadline: 5 of Febuary (sp?).
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    Guild of Heroes

    Ok, basicaly this is inspired by a game called Fable, so here it goes.... Oakvale, was destroyed by bandits, 5 children survived the attack, they were saved by some wizards, and were brought in a guild, the guild of heroes, these five children will learn the arts of fight and magic, after a...
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    Frost Works Assignment 3

    This weeks assignment is: Theme: What yous see in Frost Works. What I mean is, if you jsut heard the clan name what do you see in it? Example: A snowflake or a valley full of snow etc etc. It's up to you. It can be a stockless backround or just something blue. All the entries are in for next...
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    Frost Works

    Frost Works A Snowflake of Graphics This clan is open to anyone, animators, sig makers etc etc. For anyone that doesn't know, this is Crystal Ice Designz but with a new name and new members. Owners: Ultima Legion Lavanda94 Co-Owners: Darkriku14 Twilight Heart Members: Ultima Legion...
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    Frost Works Graphical Class 1

    Since DR has the problem about making a new thread, I'll post it o.o. This is just a test, to see if It's any use. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extension: how to pixel stretch: To pixel stretch, first select the layer that your stock is on...
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    Frost Works Graphical Classes Main Board

    Days open: 6 (Monday - Saturday) DarkRiku14-Mondays Keyblade416-Tuesdays K-C-Wednesday TH- Thursday UL-Fridays L94-Saturdays Probably most people won't be active if not, either someone takes their place or it's our day off. When you come up with a lesson, post here. Done...
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    Crystal Ice Designz Assignment 8

    Yeah well, I won't be here for awhile next week so I decided to make the next assignment now. Theme: Next Signiture shop banner. Size: Not too big, not too small, lets say the smaller one you can make is a sig size about 350x130. Colours: It's nearly Christmas, so we need a snowflake and some...
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    Crystal Ice Designz Assignment 6

    Theme: Age of Mythology Size: 350x130 Animation: Optional Deadline: 26 October Ok, Age of Mythology is a game, where you have mythical beasts and characters. Instrucions: Any mythical screen is allowed (Even if it's not in the game) Or a image from a film like troy. You can take a battle scene...
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    University RP

    Danver Academy is a University where Students who have past their High schoool exams with max votes come. Rules: No swearing Romance is allowed A bit of violence is allowed like to pick a fight. Back at the dorms at 11PM Template: Name: Age (18-22): Year(Beginners Junior etc.)...
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    Crystal Ice Dezignz Assignment 5

    Theme: Filters Size : 350x130 Animation:Optional Deadline : 10th October You can make any kind of filters, abstract filters, and much more, it's up to you. You have a bit more than a week too learn how to make a filter sig unless you know already. I'll edit this post when I'm done with mine...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

    Great fanfic FS i think your story is pretty cool, i like the battle between cloud and sephiroth, i still have to read part six which will take me longer. Way to go!
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    Fanfiction ► Who done it?

    Chapter 2 "Miss Warpath may i ask you a few questions?" "Of course detective" "When was the last time you saw Mr Gordon?" "I never met Mr Gordon detective, my dad said to come here, he said that he was too busy so he sent me over" "May i have your Fathers phone number?" "Sure here you go"...
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    Fanfiction ► Who done it?

    Saying the truth no. If you read you might understand, i will post the next chapter. It is not a normal Murder story i might make them a series of detective price so it is not a classical who done it.
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    Fanfiction ► Who done it?

    Chapter 1 In the room there were four people, two women and two men, the first lady was wearing a long red dress, she wasn't that beautiful, though she was young she had wrinkles all over her. The next lady was very beautiful and had a beautiful black dress that matched her red lipstick and...
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    Fanfiction ► Who done it?

    I would like to say this story isn't a classical who done it, it's a series which for the first series i added a kind of who done it storyline. PROLOGUE 1920 The phone rang in Scotlandyard. "Hello, Detective John Price here speaking may i help you?" "My n-name is Scarlet...
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    Fanfiction ► Missing!

    Ufffffff wow so much suspense i have butterflies in my stomach.:p I bet the next chapter is going to be awesom!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Missing!

    Wow your story is brilliant so much suspense, can't wait for the next chapter You could be a famous writer one day!! Keep up the good work.;)
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    Hi i'm new and i wish to make lots of new friends:)