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    Fantastic Four

    it's not out yet but when comes out i'm going to see i want to see it so bad the comics are great and the games and so should the movie i liked them when i was 10 if see this movie before i do please tell me how it is and when you see it please share and what do you think this movie is going to...
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    Family Guy

    this show is one of the best show there is out there and one of the funnyiset show to lol if you like this show please share.
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    simple plain

    this band has relly good songs and the most best songs ever all the songs they sang I love do anyone listing to this band please share.
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    The Killers

    this band is one of my best and my fav. song they sang is mr.brighten if any like this band please share I love to here your thoughts of this band.
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    spider-man 2

    this movie rocks I mean the first was good but the second one is the best so far but if you seen this please share and my fav. part was when spiderman was battleing dr.octupuse at the end.
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    man this show is getting good this one of the best shows out there people are dieing now I mean is good if you haven't seen it you have to and if so tell me about it.
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    hi I'm new here and I like any thing that has something to do with khs and I saw this site so many members here I'm here to have a good time and to make some friends if you want to be friends I would love to be your friend.
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    Fear facter

    I love this show I see it every night it rocks and if you seen this show please share what you think of this show.