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    Who should voice axel

    I heared that Boy George plays Reno in AC
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    Who should voice axel

    from what i heard Boy George plays Reno in AC
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    Mystery In Kingdom Hearts?????????

    i know this possible old but in the first kingdom hearts after you defet the phantom if you look around the clock tower in the peter pan world thier is a glowing light and me and my sister been trying to see what the light was on the internet but we can't seem to find anything about it. but what...
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    Final fantasy IX Zidane

    wouldn't it be cool if zidane was in kh2 because he pretty funny
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    Passion Lyrics

    does anyone know the lyrics to passion english (pretty please) and thank you
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    Release Date For U.s.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does anyone know the release date for U.S., i mean i know in march but the exact date if you know then let me know (PLEASE!!!!!!)
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    New Movie And Clips!!!!!!!!

    does anyone know where i can download the beging into and other clip of kingdom hearts 2
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    Secret Ending!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

    does anyone know if there is a secret ending to kingdom hearts 2. you know just like on the first one?
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    New movie and cut scene

    does any one have more pictures of the cut scene or begging movie please because i was going to download it but my computers really really slow at down loading so please show me more pictures
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    hey guys i was just wandering do you guys know if rinoa from FFVIII will be in kingdom hearts 2 because that would be so cool you know because she'll be with squall and stuff so tell me but don't fame me i'm just be curious:)
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    Roxas and Namie

    okay don't fame me but did anyone notice that Roxas or(BHK) kinda look alike PLZ let me know if you guy notice it to
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    Namie and BHK

    does anyone know the orgins of namie because they don't really explain where she came from in COM or chain of memories all they say is that she was kidnapped and was a witch of some sort. and also i don't know if you guys noticed not that it's important or anything but did anyone notice BHK and...
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    wouldn't it be weird no i take that back cool if sora liked namie and BHK liked kairi
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    if BHK name it's siru then WHAT IS IT!!!!

    man the game is coming out in 3 months and nobody has a clue what his name is
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    if BHK name it's siru then WHAT IS IT!!!!

    what is BHK's real name
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    Any More Cg!!!!!!!

    are you for real siru isn't is name man i started to think it fit him perfect
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    Any More Cg!!!!!!!

    does any one have any more CG pictures of sora or siru or any one please let me know or where i can see them. thank you
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    Siru Or Bhk!!!!!!!!!!

    so is his name siru or something different please let me know it's drivig me crazy!!!!!!! or unless his name is tyke like i said before( just kidding) but really please let me know:confused:
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    this is so cool first BHK name, then chiken little and YRP in kingdom hearts 2 then sora as a CG that is freaking amazing is anyone else excited but me!!!!
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    Sora KH2 CG (Not a Video)

    sora looks pretty hot