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    How many years passed between Kh 1 and 2?

    Please help me settle an argument with my significant othhttp://forums.khinsider.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif :per.
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    ok help one more time please

    ^ Go there. It's a good thread.
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    Do you realize

    I almost read that and ruined it for myself. Spoiler box it or I'll get a mod to close or move this thread. I'm so close to that video. Box it or say (spoiler) in the topic name. Thank you.
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    Alright I'm gonna go have a mod close this spoiler thread. Or move it to the proper section.
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    kh1 was a waste of time everbody!

    Spoilers! Omg use spoiler tags! Have some courtesy, dizzam.
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    Need help, so close to 100% journal!

    Alright! 1620 points! Thanks guys!
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    Need help, so close to 100% journal!

    I already domintated Hades paradox, I'm talking Cerberous! I cant get the high score for some reason. I always end up with 1,460! :confused:
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    Need help, so close to 100% journal!

    My stats say I'm at 99% complete. Can someone tell me thier strategy for Cerberous Paradox cup match? I can't get 1,500 points, my best is 1,460. I'm stuck, How do I get double score mode, and a strategy please? That's the last thing left, I really want the secret vid, and I refuse to watch...
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    Can anyone post a pic of Riku...

    Riku from Kh 2. In his new outfit. I am trying to make a dream avi of him on Gaia and cant remember what he looks like.
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    Xemnas boss fight...

    That was easily the best final boss I've ever fought. Ansem in the first game was a *****, and a dissapointment, bet god, this game made me feel like I was in a freaking movie, great game. The final part of the fight was amazing, all the cool reaction commands, and the part where Sora is...
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    All work and no play

    Well I have school tommorow until 5 oclock. My school gets out late becasue I go to a charter Performing Arts highschool. So I cant play until late, but I feel for you. My girlfriend was almost in tears becasue she has to wait a month to get it.