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    ven sora roxas questions

    Here's some excerpts from Ansem the Wisses' reports in regards to namine and roxas: Report 8: Namine is a Nobody, created when a young girl's heart left her body. Yet she has no corresponding Heartless. This is because the "young girl" in this case was a princess.Kairi, a resident of...
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    Keyblade Graveyard intro ! ! !

    just to make it clear xehanort kills eraqus not terra
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    Random little thing

    what your seeing is xehanort in terra's body terra is the armour you see to the left
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    Terra ending (video)

    steel chocobo it's this: you have terra and master xehanort. terra fights MX and after he defaets him MX stabs himslef with the keyblade like sora did in kh. after that MX sends his heart into terra and casts out terra's heart (like he did with riku). basically for xehanort it's this: terra...
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    it seems that xehanort took terra's body because terra had just defeated him so he was more than likely about to die, but before that happened he cheated death by stabbing himself in the heart with his keyblade so his heart would continue on inside of terra after his body died
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    terra's body is older in kh because he has aged ten years since bbs which would put him in his late twenties oh and stardust xenhanort never loses his able to use his keyblade, that's how he was able to see the door in radiant garden and give riku a keyblade, he just forgot he could wield it...
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    Xemnas is terra's nobody with memories from booth his life and xehanorts (while he was possessing terra) that's why xemnas remembers ven and aqau and refers to them as friends
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    [BbS] different keychains???

    I don't think you'll be able to get different key blades mainly because the cut scenes are most likely pre rendered. In KH I and II they used the in game engine so it would show the current keyblade or form that you are using
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    Adding Some New Ideas to a Somewhat Overused Theory

    What if it's Terra and Vanitas instead of Terra and MX? That would explain why Riku had a similar outfit to Vanitas when he started to change, and it could also explain the one scene where Vanitus says that Terra is no longer Terra. For all we know Vanitas could be something similar to the Xion...
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    KH3 and DtD

    Does anyone else believe Sora and co will open the DtD in KH3?