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    Question about the Underworld collesium?

    im not sure since im still in the underworld(i just got kh2 a few hours ago)but i think it might
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    The Official Confirmed PV trailer review (SPOILERS!!!)

    it might be a part of the trailer
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    r u getting kh2 for x-mas??

    its going to be easyer for me to get kh2 in japanese since the game store near my house sells japanese copys (thats how i got my kh final mix)and i already hav a mod chip installed now all that there is to do is wait for kh2 to come out
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    Sora in CGI!!!

    Re: Sora In Cgi!!! the backround looks like the secret cave to me
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    I think I found a new image!!

    how is that new
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    kiari is such a sweet girl really i don't think so

    now u cant say that she was using him rikku999 look at the facts for wut they did for eachother u would need real proof that she was just using him like read sorixed post that shows she wasnt using him and that she cared for him
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    kiari is such a sweet girl really i don't think so

    it didnt take sora a year to find her plus he promised he would come back to her mabey to save the moment when they meet again and they likely know how they feel about each other
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    i thought there were 7 princesses of heart
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    Pretty Pointless Question Bout Mikcey and Minnie

    i never realy notest mickeys head but the first time i saw minnies i was like "how did she fit her head threw that dress O.o"
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    twilight town music

    your welcome
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    twilight town music

    didnt know sorry
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    twilight town music

    i was looking for the song colors and i happen to find this http://files.filefront.com/twilighttownwma/;3748130;/fileinfo.html i dont know if its the real thing i just found on the site
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    Im Confused. 1 World or 2 ?

    i thought that since its called "destiny islands" there were more than one island thats how sora was looking threw the window in kh
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    hasnt n e one noticed this???

    off topic: i dont know if this is knew or not but here http://www.kh2.co.uk/assets/images/update/jp050720-06.jpg http://www.kh2.co.uk/assets/images/update/jp050720-07.jpg
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    hasnt n e one noticed this???

    if it is in the beggining of the game i dont think youll have to fight them cuz remember in the trailer that sora is still in hollow bastion fighting his way through the heartless to the unknown before he takes his hood off cuz then that would of ment you would have to fight the army all the way...
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    My new discovery!

    i thought everyone knew about this already
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    Kingdom hearts logic too hard for children?

    well actualy i was in the storyline from the begining and now i know alot of the storyline by going to the forums and sites for more info and playing the game over and over again
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    heartless sora?

    i think they were wondering why he turned back into his normal self back in hollow bastion
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    Riku - Friend or Foe? Plus more wonderings

    since when is he going to die
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    Sora and Kairi

    i agree but i hope he doesnt leave her again if he finds her in kh2 and then makes the same promise again from the first game that would realy suck