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    {.:.|A New Heart Live Journal Role Play|.:.}

    Hello there! It'sa me, Bio! I've created a Live Journal Role play to make up for the Lackage of Kingdom Hearts Universe Created by GS, DM, and Mega. It was some fun, but some drama arose leading to it's downfall shortly after. SO! What I did was create this roleplay. It Happens after Kingdom...
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    what happens when you beat re:chain of memories on proud mode?

    Nothing. Beating it on proud mode is the same as beating it on Normal or Beginner. The game isn't really all that hard either.
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    Why Hollow Bastion

    I don't think that was direct from the cross roads to Hollow Bastion. Only because they'd need to get to a gummy to get to there. I'm pretty sure that it was later and they were returning to Fend off the heartless and Search for Sora. Then they probably met DiZ, who tells them about Roxas. So...
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    Vexen clones

    In the Manga the Riku Replica finds tons and tons of Vexen clones at his grave. And they all follow Repliku as he walks away. Does that help at all?
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    Who do you think should be the English VAs of the Re:COM Org. XII Members?

    Vexen: Ozzy Osbourn -(From Black Sabbath) His old stoner voice seems quite intelligent and try listening to Iron Man while playing ReCOM or watching a video without sound (Featuring Vexen of course). And to add to that, the way Vexen looks makes him look just a bit high, and the way Vexen is so...
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    Four Paths Theory

    The crossroads have played an important part in the deeper side of Kingdom Hearts. The start of Chain of memories, the start of KH2 (A scattered Dream thats like....), the first KH2 Secret movie, and Reverse rebirth. (Also someone mentioned Agrabah, which would fit.) The Crossroads never meant...
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    Xigbar, the Freeshooter [ESSAY][SPOILER WARNNG]

    [WARNING - SPOILER CRAZY, AND IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW PLEASE PLEASE DISREGARD THIS POST DOWN TO EVERY EXTREMITY] "R For Reload!" "As if!" If I were any old dude!" What sounds like the complete senseless rambling of a one eyed old man. Well, it kinda is. But Hey, we can learn from him...
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    my essay on vexens voice

    Now it seems that I should read the mangas... Watch me git jigy wit it!.... Well really though, even a few lines of speech can give a character miles depth. Though with voices and expressions it can be done even more, but I think it worked pretty good with the reading.
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    my essay on vexens voice

    ((OFF TOPIC: Zomg It's teh Mega... I had no Idea you posted here. Probably because I just started, but whatever.)) Well, I haven't played RE yet, nor have I read the mangas. I noticed that you said something about the characters feeling flat and not differentiating in the GBA version, though it...
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    Vexen Good, bad or neutral?

    I'd say Evil. Though it's basicaly the same as what everyone said before. 'Cause like Vexen didn't want the organization overthrown, To stop Sora from getting to the top He'd confuse him with the existance of Roxas. He's also save himself in a way mentioned before.
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    Lexaeus's Name

    I've said Lexaeus like 'Leck-say-es' I've said Marluxia like 'Mar-lucks-EE-uh' (Sometimes as 'Mar-looz-EE-uh' before I played through the whole thing) And Axel like 'Azel' (A-Zel) to give it swing... Imagine: "The Name's Azel, commit to memory!"
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    Is Traverse Town crap music?

    Well, The first time I played KH the music was okay. But I could really care less, until I played it more and realized that It doesn't match at all with the way the place looked. The place looked solid and brown, while the music was saying oceanic and Purple. If you had a purple ocean wouldn't...