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    who do you think has the sadest since of style in kh2?

    pete hands down. so fricken ugly
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    Nomine & Kairi

    namine is also a special nobody since she is also sora's nobody
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    because it turned gay o_o
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    Differences between regular and limited

    Phoo i just got the regular edition strategy guide for my bday but yeaahh i really wanted the limited edition. So im just wondering, what is in the limited thats not in the regular :/
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    An awsome overdrive!

    old news
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    Unlucky me =[

    good luck
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    Who liked Atlantica

    ursula singing was just so.....'wtf o_O'
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    Saddest point in game?

    Arg dunt even remind me of when axel die. so damn ****en sad T_T. another part that was sad was when roxas had to fuse with sora. man screw sora everything is his fault LOL XD
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    Pridelands Storyline (both episodes)

    i really liked pride lands too and lion king the movie itself. i guess simba was emo in the second visit xD
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    is it me or the game

    yeah sucks that kh2 doesnt have it T_T
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    battle in the land of dragons

    wow interesting. but i can never skip a scene. its too precious ^^
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    yup attack the belly. i was lvl 32 when i beat him so u should have no prob
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    Where am I suppose to Go?

    you beaten halloween town correct? that means u alrdy have magneto so go bak to atlantica ^^
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    How do I beat...?

    hmm i beat them when i was lvl 37. just keep doing combos on them
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    Game Grid

    yeah just dunt panic when the enemies pop up
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    Xaldin Help

    im a she >.>
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    ha ha i know how anti form works

    finally got it during my second visit to tron when i accidently transfer to wisdom when i wanted master xD
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    Ok, now I need KH III

    ^ u still gotta revisit all the worlds meaning u have to play all the worlds twice guess ull b waiting for another 4 years :/
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    Favorite party member

    whoop spoiler :/ didnt get riku yet. but man auron is awesome
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    Roxas or Sora

    AXEL! lol ok fine roxas of course. kh2 sora is just soo.....