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    Well, he wasn't the hardest, maybe what makes it a little too hard was I only had a little time to beat his 'water things'. Anyway, I enjoyed fought with wim, he's funny and the cutest member of all Organization xii^^
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    What Would You Do to The Person Above???

    Err...was there a thread like this before? It's simple, just write what would you do to the person above you, e.g: I'd kick you, I'd dance with you, I'd give you...,etc. Make it fun!:lol: Ok, let's start from me. What'd you do?
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    Help/Support ► Making friends...

    A good friend is someone who can accept you in all condition, share interests, n provides supports whenever it's needed. Also, a good friend doesn't see how smart n talented u r...Try to find that kind of friends, n remember one thing:JUST BE YOURSELF N DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT U, EXCEPT FOR...
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    Dynasty Warriors series

    Just wondering...anyone here play Dynasty Warriors series? This game's story is about history of the three kingdom in an interesting way. Anyone who play this game, I really want to know your opinion^^
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    Help/Support ► What should I do?

    Yeah, That's what you should do. Good luck!
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    Anti-Form, useful?

    It's not usefull, I seriously hate this form, it's useless and weak. Like everyone else said, the only good thing is you can move faster than usual.
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    Help/Support ► A problem that just hit me

    I had a similar problem with you, but it happened long time ago. I had a bestfriend, and we were really close. Let's call her A. We were in the same class for 1 years. But, the next year, we got in different classes. After several months, I could see that she had new friends. I accepted and...
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    Where did Maleficent and Pete went?

    I hope it will never happen... I'm getting bored with Maleficent and Pete. They are annoying!
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    Strength or Magic?

    I rarely use magic to kill enemies, I use magic when I need to heal myself, so I think magic is not very usefull. It's only for healing. I can easily kill enemies with my keyblade. Strengh is for killing enemies and magic is suitable for healing...
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    Opinion on Demyx

    Hmmm, I like him too. He is funny but looks cool with his sitar. But I think Axel is better than Demyx.
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    who do you think is better?

    Who do you think is better? Sora or Roxas? Kairi or Namine?and why? I like Sora better than Roxas and I like Namine better than Kairi.
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    Whoaaa...I got a lot of tips now, so I'm sure I will win, thanks everyone!:thumbsup:
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    Hmmm, I can't beat sephiroth in kh 1 either(hahaha), I guess, I wil try again and never give up!
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    Yeah, many people say sephiroth in kh 2 is easier to beat. I wonder why?
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    hehehe, thanks a lot! btw, that video, cloud dissappeared, right? I wonder where he went? strange...
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    Hmmmmm, Do you have any tips how to beat him? Please help me...
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    What will happen after we beat Sephiroth in kh 2? I asked because I couldn't beat him!!! I've tried so many times and it's useless. I'm getting tired of it. So,please, could you tell me? I'm really curios about this.
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    Hello everyone! I didn't realize if khinsider has an introduction forum.(funny,isn't it?) Well, I'm not a new member at all, I joined this forum last month. l'm a big fan of KH and I love it very much. Nice to meet you all!:thumbsup:l