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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    I've heard it tasted like that somewhere. =O. Lol. xD That looks good, but I'm too lazy to make it. ^_~
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    Help/Support ► I have a problem D:

    Who thought you were a girl? You post like every other male on KHI; I never thought you were a girl, either. ^_^ xD Girls are very nice to hang out with. They are cool, funny, sweet, and I'm comfortable around them as well. But it wouldn't hurt to try to find some guy friends. I have some very...
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    Halo 3 'news'

    To start off, the Beta is set to release on May 16th! ^_^ Secondly, there is a new video of the 'Multiplayer' for Halo 3 and what you will experience in the BETA. ( I have the BETA. =P) Link to video: GameVideos.com - Halo 3 'Multiplayer' video doc Enjoy! ^_^;
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    Gears of War 'Annex'

    Article and Description from 1UP Video of Gameplay: GameVideos.com - Gears of War 'Annex' teaser HD Enjoy! (This looks pretty cool. But it only pertains to XBox Live players. =[)
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    Same here. I didn't relize the first time, either. =[
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 is now a Greatest Hit.

    It....It can't be...!...No!...No!...No!....No! xD Just kidding. Surprisingly, it has been out for a year and it is obvious it would be a greatest hit.
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    Microsoft checklist

    Link: Is Devil May Cry 360 the Future of Third Party? news from 1UP.com ...The guy at Microsoft who made the list says its just a wishlist. Lol. We'll see.... Scroll down to the last few paragraphs.=P
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    Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

    Re: Sora, Rikku, and Kairi. So did Sora. He turned himself into a Heartless for her. xD Riku was selfish and just wanted to prove he was better than Sora. His actions were noble at first, but when he steeped his heart deeper into the darkness, he became selfish and only thought of himself.
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    Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Announced for U.S. Release

    ........April Fools. (I added words to my post to make it long enough. I hope this is long enough for this thread)
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    My Roxas look-alike knight theory

    I doubt one single being could have two Nobodies. Its a good theory, don't get me wrong, I just disagree. =[
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    How Smexy are you?

    How smexy are you? I define the word Smexy...So I'm like the ultimate smex.
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    Help/Support ► Friend problems

    .....I'm happy for you guys...If that is you. 0_0 I guess problem solved.
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    Should I keep my name?...

    Well I've been thinking of changing my username, but I've already tried twice and the names were taken. Perhaps it is a sign not to change it? 0_0 xd Do you guys think I should change my username?:confused:
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    Help/Support ► Friend problems

    Oh my gosh! Me too. =OxD Just kidding, but was it really your friend who posted?
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    Fanfiction ► The Return

    It's very good so far. You deserve some congratulations for a great story. ^_^ There are some punctuation mistakes and areas where the flow of the story seems to go away for a bit, but definitely an interesting read. =]
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    Help/Support ► Friend problems

    I'm sorry to give you the sad reality of this (I really am) but if you break it up now (compared to the way she's been treating you) she might not care.. The solution I suggest is to get to the bottom of the situation: Try to figure out what is going on with your friend. Try not to get in a...
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    Why is my username not red?

    ...I have 1000 posts. 0_0 I'm confused.
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    Thankyou. =D I think I'm premium, but my username isn't red yet. xD I'm too lazy to watch him play anymore. =P
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    Person Playing KH2:FM+ Live

    I think he's off right now. Lol.=P Edit: Nevermind.
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    Hades Cup

    If you have the Guide Book it gives you good strategies, but other than that you must just try your best each and every time. What round have you gotten to before you died? xD.