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    metal chocobo is the best keyblade i used it for ages i completed the game with it
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    Official favorite summon thread

    tinkerbelle has saved me a few times few like on kutrt ziza
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    Favorate Boss

    sephroth all the time
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    Favorivte Heartless From KH1

    defantly sephroth because he was hard and gave me a challage lol
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    Favorite weapons

    goofys shields
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    Kh polls

    defantly sora he rules
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    im getting it for my bday so i havent yet
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    Wat if there was no key blade.....

    donno could be anything
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    BHK's relatiion

    well he has to be related to sora in 1 way because he has the keyblade after all so he must be related somehow
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    Auron vs cloud

    who would you say is better auron or cloud
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    Ruku or BHK

    i dont know they are close ether way
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    Favorite party member

    goffy because he does mp gift but donald as well he does cure i dont know but 1 of these 2
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    light riku vs dark riku

    i agree ..
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    Donald vs. Goofy

    donald is useful but so is goffy beacuse he does do mp gift dont he
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    do you think Sephiroth was hard?

    he is hard i have only betan him 1ce
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    characters in KH2

    there will be ff and disney characters in this 1
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    Threads' Lost & Found

    not much ....
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    light riku vs dark riku

    i recon light riku would win it after all light beats bad
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    who would win if it was aragon vs sora

    i would personly say sora
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    light riku vs dark riku

    who would win out of dark riku or light riku