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    On Assault of the Dreadnought How many people...

    i never did that the third misiion and all that had to do with the gummi ship
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    mickey vs 100 heartless just an idea

    do you guys think they should do that as a video it is in hollow bastion
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    Kingdom Hearts II -Secret Ending- THEORY

    they should make a forum for kh3 theories back on topic that is an okay theory
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    ok ultima weapon or fenrir???

    duh which one ultima it looks way better and god damn it is way more powerful my opnion
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    hades paradox cup[spoilers probably i don't know]

    who beat this already i beat it today the hardest part for me was fighing yuffie,leon,cloud, and tifa in the second to last match
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    all because no matter which i use i leave no one alive
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    i really didn't care
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    ok help one more time please

    you get magnera from haloween town second visit and you need to be level 28 or 30 to get knocksmash for goofy
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    Lv 99 sucks

    ok who ever made this thread is..... are you seroius level 99 suckks for me i am pretty much unstoppable wow well train your forms and get the ultima weapon
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    They messsed up! *BIG SPOILER*

    look to make it simple roxas NEVER went to the real twilight town after being sent to the FAKE twilight town that ansem the wise[diz] and ansem{riku] sent him into when roxas found the computer he had another memory about himself and then destroyed the fake one that was programed there so the...
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    Anti and Final Forms near opposites? and other stuff

    very intresting and it makes a lot of sense since sora beecame a heartless in kh and that could be his way of not letting the darkness into his heart and making him a heartless probably
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    lv 99

    who got to lv 99 besides me
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    kh2 with the advent movie

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    When Axel says...

    because roxas shouldn't be able to use 2 since roxas can't remember a thing all he knows is that he is nobody,in the org. and he wants to get back at diz
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    any "best" way to get final form?

    finalskye yes you can just watch the scene at memory skyscraper thing that shows roxas after go to th cerebus or whatever cup that lets you use drive and keep trying by resting it
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    GameFaqs Cheats and Secrets

    not true i beat the game and all the worlds and nothing happened and i wa playing in proud mode all i saw was the secret ending
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    Most Powerful Members, 1-13

    roxas xenmas and who cares about the other people i can't put zexion 3 since no one knows what his weapon is or what can he do
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    you get it for a cutscene after reflecting all those shots and that is it
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    wisdom form

    who likes wisdom form at least a litttle i because i get the feeling no one likes that form
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    Good places to train Master/Final?

    wisdom is awsome that is just me i take wisdom like a gunner form because it is kind of like that and it helps to beat sephiroth when the growth thing is at level 3