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    NA 358/2 Days site launches

    the worlds gunna end in 2012... ; ; (don't flip on me, the mayan calander ends...besides I'm being sarcastic) thanks for the info even though its only pictures that we probably all have seen.... at least we know its coming soon
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    Why didn't Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas combine?

    kingdom hearts does have fusion though, drive forms
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    VAT Crest & Heartless Crest Theory

    well all the symbols in KH mean something Its a very symbolic and iconic driven game
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    I think i may be on to something? ...(little theory)

    It would make sense that there were 3 nobodies formed because the game does play on the group of three or the trinity, sora donald goofy, kairi riku sora, terra ventus aqua, body soul heart, etc. all groups of three so it can be very possible that three nobodies were formed and that the third...
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    Barrier of the Worlds

    O.O holysh** batman that makes perfect sense, there simply was no barriers back then everyone could travel to other worlds freely, but since the growing threat of darkness (notice how i didnt say heartless) they (they could be anyone, maybe the worlds themselves, afterall worlds want to protect...
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    BBS Kingdom Hearts

    yeah true
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    BBS Kingdom Hearts

    maybe sacificing his keyblade to the kingdom hearts, revealed and unlocked the keyholes of all the worlds, he went to the source of all hearts where they all connect and unlocked their hearts...could be an explanation to how in the first game all the keyholes are unlocked well not unlocked but...
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    some of you guys obviously havent played ff3 or ff4 for the ds they both had fantasic looking CGI! begining cutscenes but no everyone forgets remakes the sound was pretty amazing as well
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    The Worst Character in the game

    you guys forget Raijin, every single second it was like "ya know" ya know