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    Checked me Email a moment ago..

    Hi All, Just as the title suggests, Here is what i found * i apologise if this offends anybody, these are not my words just reiterating the email i recieved* Kingdom Hearts Insider / Dear All ******s‏ From:<IMG id=P___1097183150 style="DISPLAY: none" webimdisplayStyle="inline"> Kingdom...
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    When does the English Official site come out for KH2

    I hope they do an english site soon, japanese means nothing to me, its all complete jibberish!
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    Which KH Theme Song you like better?

    Im voting simple and clean!
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    hardest DISNEY boss

    i hate the last boss, i cant remember if its axel or marluxia in the big metal thingy, ive tried for ages and ages to beat him, its not as if im a low level either im level 99! Damn him, ill get him eventually!
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    NEW PICSS i got new ones..YAY

    I ahvnt seen any of those before. What magazine are they coming out of because im guessing its not one availiable in the uk?
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    Xploder probs

    hi i know this is probably in the wrong forum but i didnt know where else to put it! Well im having a few problems here. Does anybody else own an exploder cheat system for the GBA? If so can somebody tell me weather they actually update their site (www.xploder.net)? And can you use...
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    black clothe

    Its ok, just read things properly! (lecture over!) :)
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    black clothe

    I just seen that just as i posted my return comment.
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    black clothe

    Did i say i was talking to you? Ermmm nope, i dont have a problem, you however do, its called jumping to conclutions! So STFU! edit: well maybe you should attempt reading things properly before jumping down my neck ok.
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    black clothe

    Why have you never taken English lessons?
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    don't really care anymore..

    I can kinda understand your point, but i am gettiing quite fed up of waiting for it, its taking too long, i love kingdom hearts though, i just think its taking its time!
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Oh my f**king god, i cant believe this is still going, has anyone actually reported this?! I dont know who the mods are on here, id have done it myself else.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    On holiday by the looks of it.
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    3 secret keyblades!

    Right, just out of pure curiosity, i tried every single one of the method mentioned here, and guess what....not a damn thing...what a suprise eh! Can we close this shit now please, i think enough people have proved this crap wrong.
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    Extra!!! Extra!!! Read All About It!!!!

    Wow this sounds very interesting, thanks a lot for the info! :)
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    Need Assisantance

    ive had that a few times, ive been stuck for hours looking for a 9 card. Really damn annoying, good luck with that!
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    Least Favorite World?

    Uggg im gonna have to agree with the majority here, Atlantica has got to be the worse world, sure its pretty and that but god...aint it annoying, i kept misjudging how far up or down i had to go! Really got on my nerves! I eventually managed to get used to it! Still didnt like it though!
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    Woohoo i got this today! Im at neverland too, just got there, level 27! Im loving every second of this game!
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    New Interview with Nomura...

    Yeah i havnt read that either! Thanks for that!
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    I feel bad for me being in the uk! Its really bad for games realeases! May the 6th eh! cool! looks like im gonna have to con £40 off someone!