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    Your feelings about KH

    it more different then all the Final Fantasy, its targeted to children so they can have better morals in life, nowadays all these kids are all about sex and wat not there trying to bring back good values like friends
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    enigmatic man, who is he?

    thats ansem if u start up the game and u get there the voice is ansem not to mention that at the end of the game he says the same thing before the storm
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    Were is Gepetto's House?

    ya its the one with the green door, before monstro there was that empty space were there were sum boxes, go in there and examin the one jar on the mantel theres a postcard on there
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    Do you like Ansem in kh?

    i like ansem almost better then sephy
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    can anyone help

    well u can also go to gamefaqs.com cuz that has alot of good info
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    U Know U Have Played Too Much KH/CoM when...

    u know uve played to much kh com when u hold cards out and try to turn into cloud
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    Kh:com ?s

    the best way to find out is to play it again u sorta understand things better
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    Kingdom Hearts : Dual Wielder

    ya dude i mean u have no clue wat your sayin since u dont know wats goin to end up in kh2 its best to get a mod to shut this down
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    Both ending spoilers inside.

    well thats different i was hoping for a link to the video site
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    Did Anyone...

    i found it more quick then borring i need sumthing that will take me a while to get from it it took me a couple of hours
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    How come you can't use two Keyblades in KH?

    Re: How come u cudnt use 2 keyblades!!! well u get to uses 2 in kh2 thats for sure i know have the latest trailer and it shows it
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    Deep Dive explanation in COM??

    im not to sure i mean that makes alot of sense but i really dont know who # 5 is any guesses
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    I Beat Leon In Traverse Town

    u mean u where usposed to lvl at the island i think i was lvl 4 when i did it because u gain like 2-3 lvls but ya i skipped lvln up for a while until i had a little bit of trouble in olympia.
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    KH quiz:part one

    1.b 2.b 3.final theres 17 but the original has 15 A.17 B.20 C.16 D.15 4.c 5.D 6.A 7.C 8.depends, if u include the matches in olympia, but if not then c. A.3 B.5 C.2 D.4
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    Something I noticed in Deep Dive

    i saw that to but wasnt sure wat the other keyblade was, and if u look when the blindfolded guys falls u see the neo shadows start dying