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    Hardest/most annoying Obligatory boss fight in k2?

    It's odd, but to be honest Demyx took the longest for me to beat. Xaldin on the other hand I beat on the first try.
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    Is it me, or is KH2 less chalenging than the first one?

    Yeah, I thought that too at first when I started playing KH2, but I realized that there are certain aspects that make it harder than KH1 and vice versa. For example, the tournaments weren'[t very hard in KH1, but they were an @ss kicker in KH2. Sephy was harder in KH1, but not so much in KH2. I...
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    Unknown Identities

    Final Mix was not released in the UK....
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    Riku/BHK/Namine Theory

    Awww look a little 14 year old who managed to get his name in colors on an internet forum for being a flaming, self righteous know it all. Maybe if you paused to think for just a moment you'd realize that not everyone is as knowledgable about KH, that everyone was new at some point (yes even you...
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    Kari and Namine looks alike?

    If you want to talk about disturbing, I think Namine looks slightly like one of the Olsen twins in the JF trailer.
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    Mickey same as Riku?

    At the End of the World Computer in KH. Nomura has also stated this interviews.
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    A 'Surprising' New world

    The reason why this 'surprising' new world is being compared to Nightmare is because as said before, Nightmare was not directly a Disney movie. Any world they include has to meet a certain cirteria: Has to be Disney and/or Animation and/or Final Fantasy and/or Popular (somewhat at least) The...
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    [Cuckoo!] Kh2 Update!

    Whoa, that is awesome.
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    New(?) information about BHK

    This certainly is interesting news if it turns out to be true. I'd honestly like to read more of the interview to acertain its validity. And if it is indeed true, then DD/ASAS are a lot more important than originally thought.
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    The bigest twist would be?

    I highly doubt Sora will die as I've never heard of a video game where the main playable character croaks. Seems kind of far fetched don't you think? I think a big twist would be having Sora get invovled with Namine, but quite honestly I can't see this happening and would certainly hope it...
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    I read over the Ansem Reports again, and...

    I'm having kind of a hard time following what it is exactly you're saying, but the basic gist from what I understand is that everything is connected somehow and everything that happens has an effect on something else. I think that's true to a certain extent, however I don't agree with your...
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    I pre-ordered mine back in summer of last year at Game Crazy when they were saying it was going to be released that winter. Obviously I never got it. I wouldn't get too excited just yet.
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    Was This In KH!????

    Mickey's Castle was playable in a beta version of KH and never made it into the final game.
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    whats up

    I believe he's referring to this picture. It's what's thought to be BHK's "awakening". If you watch the trailer you'll see it in more detail.
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    Ok this is confusing

    Yeah exactly what thecloser said. Nomura said the exact same thing in an interview.
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    The 10 Confirmed Worlds Of KH2 (u may disagree..but i have proof baby!!!)

    Actual Playable Worlds Twilight Town - Confirmed Hollow Bastion - Confirmed Disney Castle - Confirmed (I wasn't aware that it was, but judging from the blurry picture on the site apparently it is unless they cut it again) Agrabah - Confirmed Oylmpus Coliseum - Confirmed Destiny Islands - Not...
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    Riku's blindfold

    Hmmm.....well I think that a conclusion that was reached by many regarding DD/ASAS was that much of it was early concept and so not all of it will be seen in the actual game. As to whether or not that means Riku will be blindfolded in the game I;m not sure although it is possible. In many...
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    Can some one please tell how to beat the Riku Clone?

    Hello? Anyone have any bright ideas?
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    Can some one please tell how to beat the Riku Clone?

    I assume by "B, B, A" you mean pressing the B button twice and the A button once. I did that and was slaughtered. He broke everything I did even Dark Aura. Am I missing something?
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    who thinks riku is way cooler then sora

    You've only been here since January. Just because you have a lot of posts does not mean you're not a "noob." This whole "noob" thing is very juvenile by the way. And to answer the question posed by the topic, I did appreciate Riku's character a little bit more after playing CoM. His fighting...