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    Dragon Slayers

    A long time ago, there was a great empire, there was peace throughout the lands, battles were rarely seen, and wars were never seen. Everyone shared what they had with each other, The empire was powerful yet noble, but that all changed when a terrible darkness took over the world, dragons from...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Meet You At Roads End

    I swung the weapon with all my might and sent on of the creatures flying into a rock, but every time I killed one, ten took its place. I knew I had to get out of here so I dodge one of the creatures and ran as fast I could up to Cosmo Hill and when I reached the top I saw Mathew. “Mathew we...
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    KH:COM worth it?

    gee thanks, I suck for having an opinoin.:closedeyes:
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    Where's the End of the World?

    But this is soras memories, and in his memories that place can still exist. But it was also because the only character was ansem, and they had too focus on castle oblivion, I still find it a bit annoying though, since it was a large part of the story, and we could have seen riku and mickey...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Meet You At Roads End

    Chapter 2 I screamed loudly, I sweat all over me and I had a throbbing headache. Once I had calmed down a bit I looked at my surrondings. I was in my room. I sighed heavily and layed on my bed again as I felt the early morning rays seak through my window and onto my dazed form. "Just a dream" I...
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    KH:COM worth it?

    Yes we play as riku, and reverse rebith, had the same bosses (not including the org) less orginisation bosses, less intresting plot, most worlds had no cutscenes you just fought, and I am sorry but KH: COM, haow can it be better then KH2, KH:COM most of the moves were the same as KH, KH2 brought...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Meet You At Roads End

    really? Thanks chapter two will be up hopefully soon.
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Meet You At Roads End

    I opened my eyes I was in some kind of city the buildings seemed to reach the sky, it was raining and there was fog everywhere making it impossible to see. I tried to walk but I found my feet unable to move, I looked down and noticed the ground seemed to be turning into a liquid. I tried to move...
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    KH:COM worth it?

    all good in ture, except your fory your number 1. That is no exuse for having the same worlds only different world was castle oblivion, I just think at the end of the day, you can read the story in chain of memories and understand KH2 perfectly and it just didnt see that intretsing.
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    KH:COM worth it?

    Thpught I admit that it was cool too have graphics on a GBA, some things really annoyed me, firstly, you got through the SAME worlds as the last game, nobody remembers you which is sort of like oh gee thanks a lot. (I knwo it was part of the plot but I did get slightly mad). Also they made a...
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    The Tears Of Roxas

    When sora awakens and meets hayner and the others, hayner and the others seem down, does this have anything too do with roxas, and also at the end when hayner asks if he was sure they had not met before and sora he was positive and asked hayner why do you asked, and hayner shrugged it off, sora...
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    *runs around crazily with oblivion and oathkeeper around* Hiay I am new I am amember at KHU, and I wanted too join this site! *jumps up and down obviously hyper*:nahnah: :nahnah:
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    A Lost Hope

    Kingdom Hearts A Lost Hope Darkness, all he could see, it was all he could feel, opening his eyes, his eyes as blue as the sky. He could feel his heart beating, for some reaosn, it felt new, where was he? He called out but no sound would come out, nothing could be heard in the endless river of...