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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    They should put it on the psp, that way it could keep its title as a awsome handheld game!!! Also, do anyone know if its going to be in english, i heard it was going to have japanese voice cast!!!
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    Advent Children Bloobers

    I don't know if anyone has seen these but i felt like sharing them anyways. I was searching through youtube when i came across this funny @$$ video that someone made about Advent Children. Trust me when I say this vid is worth seeing. http://youtube.com/watch?v=JzWGi2MeNEA
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    Simple and Clean backwards

    Do anyone knows where I can download it, I can only find a site that plays it backwards. I would really appreciated if anyone can help me.
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    Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

    Hey does anyone knows if they can load up thier original Devil may cry 3 memory onto the special edition one? I already gotten far in DMC3 but i'm thinking of buying the special edtion, i don't want to pay $20 just to start all over agian!!!
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    Kh2 promotional trailor in english

    I didn't translate it, I just put Sanctuary and a english clip in the trailor.
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    Kh2 promotional trailor in english

    I know but i thought it was a good idea.
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    Kh2 promotional trailor in english

    I heard alot of fans saying they wanted the japanese trailor of kh2 in english, so i decided to remake it for the people who want to see it. I know it's off topic but it is worth seeing if your into the commercials. http://youtube.com/watch?v=HejfBDP5Xao
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    Riku Ending...

    Here this might help http://www.khinsider.com/gallery/img1410.htm Its not pictures but its just as good
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    Need help with song!!!PLZ read

    That is it, thanks Zexion
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    Need help with song!!!PLZ read

    I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the battle theme that was playing in the last Xemnas battle! I tried looking for it on blue laguna, but i had no luck. Can any1 help?
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    Download help plz

    I was wondering if any1 can tell me where is the best place to download Anime? I have Utorrents but I keep getting alot of Jap anime.
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    Need Help with the Secret Ending

    I forgot how ur suppose to unlock the secret ending. I'm on Standard mode and I completed all stages except for PooH books. Can any1 help???
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    final form question

    I got it during that fight to but I kept dying, I didn't even get a chance to try it out :(
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    US Kingdom Hearts 2 ( Radiant Garden )

    I know right, Its sound like she trying to hard to be sweet.
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    Does Kairi Have -No Spoilers In Titles-

    that actually makes perfect sense, I mean where would Riku get that keyblade to just give it away like that then have it disappear from Kairi.
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    KH2 SECRET ENDING dont worry wont spoil the 2nd game

    Dude, ur like 4 month late. Everyone in this forum already seen them
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    Why is Valor Form Red?

    I'm pretty sure the game is not gonna tell us why its red.
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    KH2 in real time

    I don't think u understood my question, I heard that in twilight town you can set the time at the clock tower to real time, that way it'll change from night to dark.
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    KH2 in real time

    I have a question for those who'd play kh2, is it in real time? A year ago someone on this site said it was gonna be in real time.