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    I just ordered myself nearly the entire collection of official Kingdom Hearts Figurines by Squareenix. The reason i made this thread is because i am not sure if there is anything left that i dont have. Please advise. I will probably buy it if its on sale. Sora Mobile Avatar Vinyl Sora Kingdom...
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    What Do you guys 1 in KH3??? and what do u expect!!

    Heres what i'm thinking -KH3 needs to be harder but lesser puzzles im bored of them.! -Bosses Tougher!! like sephiroth kinda hard! -More Cloud vs Sephiroth!!! -More storyline!!! -Straight forward but hard! -Customise your own Character & Able to Use Riku !! and Kairi!! Sweeeeet! -I wish I was...
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    organization XIII

    Everytin in the game was easy cept the part where i fought Riku.. cant remember which i part i finished game in 1 day so long time ago i cant relly remember. Sephiroth i havent beaten him yet. Xaldin is the gun guy rite... ? hes hard...I took like god knows how many times to beat him!. I dun...
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    create a cutscene for kh2

    ME=Blade Sora:- Who are you Blade:-Damn you! i want KAIRI! Sora:-Never! <Sora takes out Keyblade and Blade takes out his Soulblades.> Sora:-You cant have her! Shes mine! <Sora attacks and Blade moves at lightning speed and blocks with his SoulBlade> Sora:-Why cant I hit you?? STOP!! <time...