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    I'm Back

    HEyyy, I dont know if any of you remember me back in the day..but hi anyway lol. I haven't been here in like years x.x lol
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    If someone Died!!!

    Yea I would still Play it..It makes it more interesting..But if Riku died..like I would be sooo pissed..They should make sumone useless die..like..Dumbo or sumthing XDDDDDDD well not reelee, that'll be dumb..but like they shouldn't have like sumone like Riku or Sora die..that would suck -.-
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    ive got past tarzan

    Good Job ^.^ ur a few steps closer to beating the game. wOOt
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    What would you do if you found KH2 on the ground?

    1. Pick it up (act like nothing happened) and run home 2. Make sure no one is around and play it for like the whole day 3. ScrEam For FrIKin joy!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD wOOt
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    E3 Is Fast Approaching: High Expectations(kind of)

    weeee I can't wait for the new trailer.....and hopefully they will confirm when KH2 is relee coming out XD
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 getting a 'T' rating

    Do you think KH2 will get a 'T' for teen rating? I think its possible, because in COM, all the characters seemed to be more mature and Sora said some things I couldn't imagine him saying in kh, and plus kh2 is supose to be more mature than kh..(plus axel is in kh2 and we know how he is XD lol)...
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    Worlds you would like to be KH2

    The Emperor's New Groove! that movie rocked. :P
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    it's just so sad...

    Yea, I don't think Riku is completely evil..he has darkness in his heart, but thats only human, everyone has some kind of darkness in their heart......Its just Riku had a little more.
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    Kingdom Hearts is for kids?

    Re: KH for kids??? Yea, I don't think its for kids..like baby-ish. They are just judging a book by its cover. << If they actually play it , then they'll see they dunno what their talking about. Kh roxmysox XD
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    Kh2 B4 Ff12?

    I think KH2 will come out first ( I hope it does) I think KH2 is more anticipated than FF12, just because of the fact this is FF's 12th game and maybe ppl want to see KH2 more because this is only the second game of the kh series. Just a thought. loll
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    Bhk and Sora DO have the same face!

    Where did you get Kyara from?? That sounds like a gurls name anyway.....
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    Bhk and Sora DO have the same face!

    lol. They are kinda similar. But like not exactly alike. They both have blue eyes XDD
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    Is Kairi a Keyblade Master?

    Re: Is Kairi a keyblade master hmm, I can kinda imagine her w/ a keyblade, but I don't think she is a Keyblade Master. I think she will fight, but not with a keyblade......then again who knows. lol....
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    The first thing you do when you buy Kingdom Hearts II

    Re: First Course of Action um...Like I do with all my new ps2 games I am happy to get, open it, put it in my ps2, and play for like the whole day and go O_O *wow, I can't believe I am finally playing it*....I will also make sure nobody bothers me...XDDD!
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    Do you think Kingdom Hearts II is worth the wait?

    Re: Do you think... You are such a loser <<........Anyway hellz yea! Of course it will be worth the wait. XDDD The game looks unbelievable! XD
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    HAHA I told you so

    This is a buch of bullsh**, you guys actually believe he has the game?? I doubt he even has pictures he claims to have << He will probably use screen shots from trailers or something....he just wants attention....I won't believe it till I see it with my own eyes.
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    What is BHK's name ??????

    Yea, But his name should be released soon, I mean we already seen his face and everything, so his name should be the next step.
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    Theme song for Kingdom Hearts II

    Re: Music Linkin Park! XDD I can imagine Sora being all pissed and 'From the Inside' starts to play XDDD that would be soo kool
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    "We are more alike than you think"

    What? I doubt it. Maybe like BHK they have some sort of symbolic connection or something.......who knows...
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    Riku's role (Possible Spoilers)

    Re: rikus role (pos.spoilers) O yea, thats true. But even though I think Riku is going to be good, I still think that in some point in the game, he is going to temporarly loose control of the darkness in his heart and something happens. I dunno why, but It just seems KH-ish. lol. Like I can...