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    Whats your favorite world?

    you forgot to put wonderland in your pole, and Halloweentown all the way.
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    What is your faveorite thing about kingdom hearts?

    I like collecting all the different keyblades
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    starting all over, but why??????

    I agree, starting at level 100 would suck.
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    KH2 Worlds

    Ancient Greece is gonna be with the colosseum world
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    axle theory

    I ment keyblade
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    axle theory

    If axel was the oldheyblade master, then why doesn't he have the key blade now
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    Lion King Theory.

    That theory is as good as any
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    KH2 Summons?

    maybe iago will be a summon, but it'd prolly suck and only be good for getting things from far away.
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    Another new theory

    Good theory, but with holes. Like the fact that BHK wouldn't join the organization.
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    .....more questions.

    I think that makes cense
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    kh2 song

    but the game has become darker and simple and clean, even as a remix, would still be to much of a perky song
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    Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack

    That's sweet :D
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    kh2 song

    I think that they should have simple and clean at the end and a song like all down hill from here at the beginning :)
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    BHK's relatiion

    I think he's Sora's shadow