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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Official 'Secret Ending' Thread Where is the link to the 21 minute video? I've see the two videos without the stuff after the "Reconnct". Then I saw a 10 minute video that had stuff after the "Reconnect", but only up to them finding Terranort in RG. Is there stuff after this?
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    Who could Shion, the 14th member, possibly be?

    You know, if "Shion" means flower, that keyblade Kairi wield at the end of KH2 had flowers all over it. I still stick to my thoery that Namine wasn't really Kairi's body's Nobody in KH2. I think Shion/Xion is and Namine is the Nobody of the heart they shared. I think it was planned to make...
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    Roxas and Ven's Clothing

    I was just looking at those new scans put up and I had noticed that the first picture that shows TAV, Ven's clothing looks very similar to Roxas's clothing from KH2...weird, eh?
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    Leon and the gang

    You know...I want to know more about the history of Radiant Garden. How do Leon and the gang know so much about keyblades. Do you think that TAV and BBS could have anything to do with Leon and the gang?