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    twilight town (spoiler-ish)

    okay, im not sure, but the twighlight town that we c first with roxas is not the real twilight town..?right, but then how come all of his friends that he knew don't mention him again when sora is there....i don't recall them mentioning him again atleast
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    Port Royal

    I don't kno 'bout u, but, Port Royal for me wasn't....that........great. it was okay, but i don't think it was great fun and all. it wasn't that fun, it didn't seem to fit in with the game and Jacks limit wasn't fantastic either.
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    DOes kh2 get borin after a while

    i am gonna admit, that playing as roxas for a tutorial for 6 days was kinda boring, but it got better when u...oh, wait, that might b considered a spoiler, but i'll just say...the ending of the six day was cool..............i'll leave it at that
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    kh2 world score?

    i made a thread like this a little while ago......people who have played it said it was takin' outta da game
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    whos ur fav. member of the organization

    i like demyx cause he reminds me of myself....childish,lol
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    question *possible spoilers*

    does the story get any deeper or progress more if u beat him...or will the story line stay the same??
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    the secret ending

    is the secret ending only in the japenese version, or will it b in both??:confused:
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    which form do you like the best?

    i like anti cause it just looks so fast and strong and, since were on the subject, do u acquire anti, or do u just have it from the beginning and u have ot have heartless hit u to make it happen
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    Roxy and Friends

    awww...i wanted to say it first!!:(
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    i havent been paying attention much

    oh snap....yensid...disney.....ya, im a little slow
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    Game Informer Article and pics

    what magazine is this from??
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    New features for US KH2

    i don't have proof, but, when some1 posted one of those interviews with Nomura (i think thats how u spell it), he said that the U.S version would have more
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    ending of each world

    a while back, there was some sort of thing that said u get a new ability by the way u complete the level, like if u beat so many heartless or if u skipped an event...is that true, do u get new abilities after the level based upon your completion
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    Which world is your favorite

    any1 know what world Yuna, Rikku and Paine r in...i would like to see that world and Olympus Colisium. I can't remember, is Neverland in KH2
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    its another world thread......this is a question 4 people who have already played

    i don't think this has been asked, sorry if it has, but there have been 10 billion world threads so its hard to keep track...what r the order of the worlds. I don't know if that would b considered a spoiler, just to know the order, i mean, its not a killer secret, but isn't there a way to hide...
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    Drive form, not like the first 1

    i have 1 question....when u go into drive mode or form or whatever u call it, is there like a little sequence when u do it, or is it done during the play time. Im asking if the battle pauses, u go into a little sequence happens, and u go back to fighting
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    Kingdom Hearts 2! Tell what ya know(no spoilers!n_n)

    ya, but know i realize he only wanted the "new" info. not the whole freakin' story
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    Kingdom Hearts 2! Tell what ya know(no spoilers!n_n)

    Sora, Riku and Kair...kids who livedon Destiny Island. They wanted to leave, they build raft. Instead of leaving by raft, they leave my a dark portal, vortex thingy and they are all separated. Sora lands in Traverse Town and meets Pluto, Leon, Yuffie, Cid, Areith, Donald, Goofey and Jimminy...
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    I just got CoM!!!

    what level were u...just wondering since Captain Hook was sooooo eaaaaaasy
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    I just got CoM!!!

    since were on the subject....how the heck do u beat Captain Hook..i hate those freakin' bombs and the parasite cage was hard, but since this thread is here...please help