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    bush (the band) deftones

    how many of you all like bush and the deftones i think they both rock
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    nine inch nails

    2 things how many of u people like nin and in the new music video for only what is the name of that thing they show trent reznor in? NIN ROCKS
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    i have been at this forum and others for a long time but i still dont know 3 things if i have a picture how can i make it my sig/ avitar and just how to make a signature/avitars in general and finnaly tis will make me sound even more like a noob what does xd mean
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    gurl help plz really need it

    ok heres the story............. so it satred out when i told this girl i loves friend that i like her . and like thats how we met cuz she waz all are you the one who likes my friend and i was like ya. so like after a week i stopped liking her. but i waz still friends with her and like i would...
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    Wat wud u do if you saw Ansem in your house?

    id go watch out soras behind you and see what he does but before that id be like waz up dog and see what he does
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    Sephiroth vs. Ansem

    it was hard for me to beat sephiroth i beat kurt zisa and phantom but he was the hardest until i got the ultima keyblade he was a piece of cake
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    FF:AC sephiroth

    sephiroth Kira - Technically, FF:AC is going to me a movie; not a game, so this belongs in this area. hey in the very end of the ff7 advent children trailer they show sephiroth do you think its a flashback or the real deal. ill post the link for the trailer. here it is...
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    so whats the deal with aurons arm i havent beaten ff10 yet so dont spoil anything about tidus or yuna please. if your wondering where i am at in the game im where you are riding the dinosaur and yuna gets kidnapped and you have to fight that robot thingy underwater im stuck on that fight.
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    Theory of the Beginning

    Re: Theory of the Beginning (not orginally mine) wow u are right
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    the ring tape

    hey if yall havent seen this check it out www.the-tape.com tell me what you think
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    Need Help bad in R/R

    hey man to find out go to status then goto sleights and find dark fiargra press the l and r button to switch from the description to how to use it
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    Need Help bad in R/R

    hey i had less dp than you i had 22 or something like that all i did was level up alot then i would just keep hitting him until i got into darkmode i used the slight where you jump in the air and stab him in the head like six times. whenever your health gets low very low use oogie boogies card...