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    Sora is Evil!!!

    The means by which they went about it was the problem; taking other people's hearts. And no, Kaden. You're just wrong. That doesn't make Sora evil.
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    A THIRD plot contradiction

    Guys, this is even simpler than that. Axel's original objective was to convince Roxas to return to the Organization. That removes the necessity for the charade they end up going through with Sora, since Roxas was perfectly willing to harvest hearts beforehand. Quattrus, I've seen three of...
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    A thought occurs

    I took another look at the scans, and I've no idea what I was on, but you're right. I guess this means we can place the time of when Roxas started to dual-wield more accurately, then; some time between his leaving the Organization and his fight with Riku (though thinking about it it would seem...
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    A thought occurs

    I was just reading the thread about someone's disappointment with the Roxas action figure only being shipped with the Kingdom Key, and not the two keyblades he originally dual-wielded, and I remembered fighting Axel in Twilight Town. He specifically makes a big deal out of seeing Roxas with two...
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    Kairi's bottle

    I think Axelrocks is right. Riku definitely looked it over first, whether or not it explicitly said "Dear Sora" or not, I don't remember, but it wouldn't have to for Riku to know it would be for Sora. I imagine he could recognise Kairi's hand-writing, and take from the message that it wasn't...
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    Nobody types

    TO ULTIMA KEY, BECAUSE CAPS IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL No. He was wearing clothes with an emblem on them. Just like Xehanort's heartless wore when masquerading as Ansem.
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    Nobody types

    Right, yeah, that makes sense. Wait, what?
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    Kairi's bottle

    Funny, I literally just replied to this in the last topic I read. Are you just spamming up people's threads with pseudo-RP templates? And as for the bottle, smoke and mirrors.