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    I realized something...

    yes it does!!! I think a lot of people here have been freaking out everytime the date was replaced to later on!! (I for one have)
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    bhk lookin at fingers

    Maybe, he's just thinking about something he has done or something he still has to do, and then thinking if he he did right or if he can do it or not?
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    Offical RHG thread

    It´s not ´caus the RHG is wearing a school uniform that she is automatically Kairi, she could be just a schoolgirlm you know, And some time ago KL posted a message saying "KH2 is 1 year after KH1. And the girl is obviously important. Who is that important...Kairi. Face it." I dont think this...
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    the unowkns reavealed

    Can you really say that the Ansem from the beginning of the game was just a heart. Because you can only see the brown right? What does DiZ stand for? I know he's the red guy but what do the letters stand for? And KL plz get a grip, thank you
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    KH2 might be further delayed! read this!

    I couldn't tell you. But I think it's stupid. Euhm, of cours sailes go back, if everybody has a PS2, people are not going to start buying a second one just because the market has to keep going!
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    Another side, another story

    tnx Soraskingdom, well I haven't really finished the game yet, but tnx to Kizzy up there, I got totally addicted to the game. But so I don't know all the reports and definetly didn't play the final mix so that kinda sucks. Still I don't think that the 2 sentences you give, give the fact that...
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    Voice actors for KH2

    I also agree, it's probably still going to be weard though. I mean you are adjusted to Sora's voice but hey I still like it. ABout the popstar thingy! It would idd be weard.They would totally make Namine some kind of messed up poppy girl! Ultima Monkey, I was really practically hanging over my...
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    Another side, another story

    KL, I'm sorry to say this, but you kinda need an attitude adjustment. You can't just call everybody who disagrees with you a nOOb or something. Who knows, maybe in the end your the nOOb! Anyway, like the 2above everybody has his/her own theories and it's only fair that everybody can tell them...
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    KH2 Release Date?! (Announcement)

    does anybody know now, when it is expected?
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    Who where the kids on the Clock Tower with BHK?

    I also think the girl is Selphie, but the other two I don't know. I do know that the green guy is NOT, I repeat NOT Zell, some peeps say that!!! I agree with kizzyke about the inventing new car. when they're not really inportant. Unless maybe of cours these other 3 then BHK are as inportant as...
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    You Know You've Played Too Much KH When...

    - freak out everytime your mother thinks you're going insane because you can't stop repeating the poem ( ones born of the heart and darkness) - You go crazy caus you can finally talk about all of this and find people that are actually as crazy about this as you are - when you read this...
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    Offical RHG thread

    ok KL, but that still doesn't prove that Kairi is the girl in the village. And certainly not the one on the beach! Why would Kairi get two outfits? I mean that would be weard. The hair thing is a little messed up I guess, in the beginning video of KH if you have a pic out of that, the one...
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    Offical RHG thread

    Hi peeps, I totally agree with Kizzyke here. What she says! There are 2 girls people you all know that. The one on the beach and a second one in the suburbs of probably twilight town. They are totally not the same person. And why oh why would they hide Kairi's face if we all already know here...