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    That damn Light Cycles...

    Just try to avoid them at all cost, attack with X when one get's close. And if there's a group do the same cause 2 X's will take out 3.
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    what part in the game are you...

    I'm 42 at Beast's Castle and stuck with Xaldin. Going to level up maybe to 45 and take care of him.
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    Jump Festa, Why isn't it working?????

    Wow, it's been awhile since I've been on here..... Anyways, whenever I download it. All it does is play the song. No background, No trailer, just the song. Everyone one I go to, that's all it does. This site's jump festa isn't wroking now so I'm out of luck, what shall I do???
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    Theory of the Beginning

    Re: Theory of the Beginning (not orginally mine) I'm not trying to be mean. I just think it's stupid that we've known this for quite some time and you now just post it.
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    Why is Kingdom Hearts II taking so long to release?

    Re: Does It Piss U Off? OMG!! You people really want to know why they haven't released a date yet. How would you like it if you were making a AWSOME game and your boss just told you that you had lets say 3 months before it comes out. Wow don't you think the game would really suck since this...
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    We rarely see Riku but why is he so important?

    We never see Riku in any images or trailers. (DD and ASAS doesn't count, there teasers.) My question is why, Is he the most important character, from what is seems, he is. Any Ideas.
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    Lets Clear Something Up

    You can barely read it. Why don't you tell us what it says. And gamespot doesnt' no anything. I looked on all game sites, there dates change so many times it's not funny. One time they said it was going to come out last year and look what happen. I even seen sites that say it's going to come out...
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    Theory of the Beginning

    Re: Theory of the Beginning (not orginally mine) He's right, it is kinda obivous, and how long have we known this. It's not exactly new or anything, and how else would they start the game anyway.
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    What you want to see in KH2 and what is your scale of impatience?

    Re: what you what to see in KH2 and what is your scale of impatientness If you think about it, Riku is the true keyblade master. I thought someone would saysomething before. The only thing I want in KH2 is the same as KH1. WHat I mean is, don't make a sequel that's nothing like the first...
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    First off, why does everyone write in there posts *Don't flame me* when they post theorys. Unless your are completey stupid, they wont flame you. And even if they do, they get in trouble for it anyway, so don't worry about it. Anyway. It does make perfect sense that this might be KH3. For the...
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    What Sqaure-Enix character do you want to be as an extra boss?

    I was going to say that but I forgot his name. Yes, he would definalty be an execellent choice for an extra. Just imange, your face to face with Anima, that would be pretty scary. Oh and a side note. Everyone who said the 3rd time you face seymore was really hard, actually isn't. I beat him in 3...
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    its being pushed back

    On the old forum, wasn't there a NO posting of relase dates. Because no knows when it's going to be out, and I could care less, as long as I get the game. That's all that matters.
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    Kingdom Hearts Appreciation

    Re: Well, here's my KH appreciation I've noticed something. There's a little bit of blue on the handle. I don't recall seeing any blue whatsoever in the game. Was this just a add in or something. But hey, it still looks very good. I bow to u.
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    Kingdom Hearts Appreciation

    Re: Well, here's my KH appreciation Couldn't fool me, it looked liked steel to me. Are you trying to make other keyblades as well? That must of took a while to make. Maybe you should make the outfit, get a hairpeice, create the monstorus shoes, and call yourself sora.
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    She isn't a witch, she was forced to do those things in return for freedom. She never got her freedom, so she left the orginzation with the help of Sora and Axel.
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    Kingdom Hearts Appreciation

    Re: Well, here's my KH appreciation Good, but one question. WHere's the keychain? Oh, and another, is it plastic or real steel?? Wow, I'm guess i'm full of questions. Is it for sale???
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    theories on Nobodys

    Here's a question, why are we complaining about a game that hasn't even came out yet. All our answers that we are looking for will come soon. But, it is kind of fun to see you people just argue back and forth about a game. IT"S JUST A GAME, JUST ENJOY IT, NOT ARGUE ABOUT IT!!!!
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    What is BHK's name ??????

    I agree with you, Aros does make sense enough to me. I actually hope they make that name. That would be awsome.
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    HAHA I told you so

    Wow, didn't we have a no relase date thread on the old site, and out pops this thread. This is riduclous, if you don't have it, you don't have it, and if you do, well you still don't have it, since it hasn't came out yet. Like the many that's said it before on this thread, it isn't even 100%...
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    It's been about a month since I can finally get back on here. Everything's changed so much. When I was trying to get on earlier. It wouldn't let me on for anything, It really pissed me off. but Now that i'm back on, I think I got some topics to write