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    Future KH Development

    Is anyone else worried that SE might try and make another new engine? I would much rather they stick with UE4, since it's actually functional, is easier to develop with, and can give the devs more time to add extra content. I sincerely hope that all upcoming KH titles use UE4, otherwise we...
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    Should the KH1 MP System Return?

    I noticed that many KH fans, including many in the forum, don't enjoy the KH2 & KH3 MP system. Many are complaining about the cooldowns, and feel that it is far too restrictive. I, personally, have no qualms with the cooldowns. However, would you prefer KH1's MP sytem over KH2/KH3's?
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    More Party Members/ Summons as Party Members

    I suspect that we will be getting a lot of "horsepower" in the next gen consoles. With that in mind, is it possible that we could see up to 7 (or even more) party members active at one time? Would you like to see more active party members? Also, what about the idea of using summons as temporary...
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    Is the Next KH Game Going To Use Command Deck or Command Menu?

    I recently heard a rumor that the Osaka Team was planning on using the Command Deck for KH3. However, Tetsuya Nomura decided against it for a more "traditional" playstyle. I prefer the Command Menu over the Command Deck, but I know many prefer the latter. There's also the option of a completely...
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    KH3 Left Much To Be Desired

    I'll start off by saying that KH3 was entertaining, however I believed it left a lot to be desired. KH3's end-game content should be on par with KH2FM, if not even MORE content than its predecessor. Video Game sequels should not have LESS content than their previous entries. We shouldn't be...