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    hopefully not. this is one game i refuse to spoil!
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    Nobody Emblem Relation

    Nomura said it would be cleared up when we play the game if I'm not mistaken.
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    BBS bundle package

    isn't this old news? i've definitely seen this before somewhere
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    Never noticed that....

    This actually makes more sense to me than for Yen Sid but I wouldn't be surprised if it was for Mickey or even Ven since he will probably become a master later on
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    Lack of Ven

    I've been looking at a lot of the scans lately and have noticed that there are more scans of Terra and Aqua then of Ven. THis may sound crazy and I pray that it's not true but could it be possible that the game is shorter for each character?
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    Another Piece of Armor

    I was scrolling down on the scan that has a picture of VAT and I noticed that their shoes kind of look like the armor. What do you think? http://www.khinsider.com/images/BirthBySleep/famitsu_090910_01-eng.jpg
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    The guy in the cave

    i remember it too it was scary the first time but kept getting cooler every time i played the game. too bad the re-dubbed him in kh2
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    Tell Me Why He Chose You

    It's a mistranslation I think Nomura said it a while back and this question has been brought up many times. Somebody should close this
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    Days where everyone can see it

    I was roaming around Gamestop.com and I saw that on the DS tab if you scroll down they have an official 358/2 days tab Gamestop.com - DS - Buy New and Used Nintendo DS Games (scroll all the way down)
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    14 More Days till 358/2 Days comes out

    I wanna understand what's going on when I'm playing the game so I'll wait till NA release
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    Does anyone else find it unlikely

    Also 50/50 because there is no way if they are only releasing Days in may that they'll get BBS 2-3 months later unless they delay it too a christmas release in japan that would be ok.
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    The Drawing Connection

    I expected as much
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    The Drawing Connection

    Well, I think I already know the answer to my own question but I'll ask anyway, At the end of KH we see Kairi go to back to the Secret Place and she sees the drawing of Sora and herself which Sora "edited" by making him give a poupu fruit to Kairi. Kairi draws her giving the poupu to Sora. Is...
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    How excited where you when you got KH2

    I was 8 when I got it. It was like pre-school, and it was the best crayon
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    Have You Ever Seen This Photo

    Cam across this on photobucket and i thought it was pretty cool
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    358/2 Days Boss Battle

    nothings for sure until japan gets the game and put stuff on the internet XP
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    358/2 Days Boss Battle

    I have played KH2 and well maybe the whole Riku/Xion thing happened first and then Riku came back for a grudge match or idk
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    358/2 Days Boss Battle

    Just an idea I came up with... what if you had to fight Xion at the end of the game or better yet Riku and Xion like lets say Xion is trying to leave and she asks Riku to help her do it. Soon after Org. 13 finds out and tells Roxas to go after her. Then, Roxas finds her, they meet up say some...
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    Could Days be "DSi Enchanced"?

    imagine that a 358/2 days final mix... wouldn't really be much to do a few extras maybe (weapons, extras, etc.) but you wouldn't be able to put in a new boss battle or anything
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    Could Days be "DSi Enchanced"?

    i highly doubt it but it's possible also i think Nomura said that it'll be for DS because we heard about 358/2 Days way before we heard about the DSi